Restaurant Review: Luke’s Lobster Singapore @ Isetan Scotts

NYC famed restaurant group Luke’s Lobster has already been making the headlines when it revealed that they will be rolling into Singapore. In a few days time, Luke’s Lobster Singapore will be opening its doors on Wednesday, 23 September at 13:00pm.

Located on the ground floor of Isetan Singapore Flagship Store at Shaw House, you won’t miss the Luke’s Lobster Singapore as the seafood shack is anchored at the entrance front of the departmental store.

Unlike it’s Asian Japan counterpart that offers only takeout orders, the Singapore store takes on an open-restaurant concept, so that guests can watch their food being prepped every step of the way and enjoy their lobster rolls.

The restaurant sits 23 diners, but has been whittled down to 17 after safe distancing. Do note that due to safety precautions, the counter seats where you can catch all the kitchen actions will not be available at the moment. Feeling a little sad right? But you’ll get it – it’s all about prioritising a safe dining and working environment for the employees and customers.

Having said all that – it’s still a lot of joy to have Luke’s Lobster rolls. What to expect on the menu, of course, the core products of Luke’s Lobster – that is their Maine-style Lobster served chilled atop a buttered, griddled spilt-top bun with a swipe of mayo, a dash of lemon butter and a sprinkle of Luke’s Lobster secret seasoning.

The Lobster rolls served in Singapore will be in U.S. Regular size (about 4oz) priced at S$25.50. While some may find the price a little on the high side, it is good to know that the lobsters you’re eating here are actually from sustainable sourcing.

A little bit of background story and history here: the Maine lobsters are wild caught by trusted fishermen from the coastal waters of the North Atlantic, procured by Luke’s Lobster very own seafood company, then shucked and processed before reaching our shores in pristine form.

Luke Lobster goes all the way back in 2009 with it’s first store in New York’s East Village, working directly with fishermen to hand pick the best seafood. There is a lot of work and information on seafood harvesting and sustainable practices – which start from catching the right Maine lobster as there is actually size restrictions for lobsters that can be caught, and how they can be harvested, the limited number of traps that are allowed to be set, and it goes on. Similarly, for other Luke’s seafood such as crabs and shrimps, they are also involved in sustainable fishing.

What we are eating on our plates can be traced back to its origin #FromOceanToPlate – that is what makes Luke’s Lobster stand out from others. To read about Luke’s Lobster roots, their success stories and more, you can find them at

Besides the signature Lobster Roll, there is also the Crab Roll and the Shrimp Roll, priced at S$23.50 and S$21.50 respectively. If you haven’t had Luke’s Lobster before, go for the Luke’s Trio. At S$33.50, you can a perfect sampling set of ½ lobster, ½ crab and ½ shrimp (half).

Thinking that the full 4oz size lobster roll might be too much (you shouldn’t have) – there will be a more affordable option – ⅔ of the 4oz roll (Japan size) rolling out in the coming months (don’t ask me when it’s available and how much it cost, because I have no idea too).

Seafood Rolls are not all that’s on offer with Luke’s Lobster, there are sides to go along such as Lobster Bisque (S$12.90), Clam Chowder (S$11.90), Tyrrells Chips (S$2.90) and a selection of draught beer from Little Creatures (IPA Pint S$17.50, Dogs Day Pint S$16.50), selected wines by the glass, and non-alcoholic beverages like Luke’s homemade lemonade (S$6.50), Garden of Eden Cold Brew Tea (S$7.00) and Green Pomegranate Cold Brew Tea (S$7.00).

If lobster rolls and seafood aren’t your thing, I’m sorry that you’ll be very disappointed as there isn’t any non-seafood options for you here (you shouldn’t even be here in the first place).

If you ask me whether Luke’s Lobster has the best lobster roll in Singapore? My answer to you is no, and that’s because they have a different style from the rest of the F&B places that offers lobster rolls in the menu. Looking for a warm lobster meat kind of roll – you can’t find it here as Luke’s served it chilled and it has a firm bite and tender follow through. That’s the beauty of Luke’s Lobster.

Despite the price point and differences, Luke’s Lobster is well worth seeking out if you haven’t had their lobster rolls before. The good news is that Luke’s Lobster is here to stay in Singapore (I hope they stay forever) and since we cannot travel overseas during this period, it is a good opportunity to try it and also support the F&B businesses.

Come December, they will be introducing new items on the menu and this is exclusive to Singapore – you cannot find it in Japan or U.S. If you love toasties, this one is pimped up with lobster meat or crab meat and cheeseeeeee.

You can preorder now via for pick up from 23 September. Order amount is limit to $100 per order.

350 Orchard Road, Shaw House Isetan Scotts, #01-K4, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

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