tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto ushers in a revamped menu of healthier choice cuisine

It’s time to eat healthy and feel healthy with tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto‘s updated menu that features more than a dozen new dishes including specially curated, healthier choice cuisine such as low-calories dishes, low sugar and sugar-free handcrafted beverages.

Superfood fans can rejoice at tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto‘s new entrees that incorporates a delicious and nutritious grain alternative: Quinoa.

Sambal Seafood ($20.20 – Rice & Grains NEW*)

With a tinge of spiciness that accompanies the sweetness of the fresh seafood, this bowl of Sambal Seafood is a good choice to satisfy your spicy food cravings. It consists of grilled salmon, baby crayfish and hotate (scallop) tossed in a sweet and spicy sambal chilli sauce, served with roasted brussel sprouts and pumpkin, pickled onions, kale, onsen egg and a choice of organic red quinoa or red rice.


Mentai & Bonito Scrambled Egg ($15.50 – All Day Breakfast NEW*)

If you’re not a fan of spicy food, chances are that you’ll choose this Mentai & Bonito Scrambled Egg from the All-Day Breakfast selection. A healthy spin on your favourite salmon avo toast and eggs, this version is better by adding organic red quinoa, bonito flakes and mentaiyaki for an interesting twist.


Chicken & Quinoa Salad ($13.80 Salad – low in cal 353 kcal NEW*)

A light dish of Chicken and Quinoa salad packed full of good-for-you ingredients such as organic red quinoa, arugula, mesclun green, cherry tomatoes, bread crisps, sliced chicken roll, beetroot foam and cilantro-yuzu dressing. This is a nutritional one-dish meal which you can enjoy for lunch or dinner.


Shimeiji Mushroom Baked Rice ($16.00 NEW* veg friendly)

Perfect for vegetarians, this comforting Shimeiji mushroom and Japanese rice casserole comes with a crisp layer of mozzarella cheese, broccoli and kale that was browned in a hot oven. The baked rice also contains edamame and chick peas for extra texture. If you love an earthy treat, this dish is made for you.


Poached Salmon & Soba ($22.00 – Fish low in cal 500kcal NEW*)

Earthy buckwheat noodles tossed in Bonito-Shoyu Sauce, served with Shimeiji Mushroom and delicate poached Norwegian Salmon Fillet. This healthy Japanese-inspired main will make for a perfect nourishing lunch or wholesome dinner.


Snapper Hummus Sandwich ($16.80 – Sandwiches low in cal 402kcal NEW*)

This fish sandwich is not the usual fish fillet or tuna mayonaise sandwich. Creamy hummus (chickpea) replaces mayonnaise spread in this Mediterranean-inspired sandwich, while succulent red snapper is used in the filling and combined with grilled onion, cherry tomatoes and mesclun green packed in a fluffy country toast. Seriously, this low-cal healthy snapper hummus sandwich is so scrumptious, I like it better than the classic recipe.


Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Ponzu-marinated Salmon & Scallop ($23.80 – Pasta NEW*)

If you have not tried Angel Hair Pasta before (also known as Capellini), it is a very thin variety of Italian pasta. As it is a very light pasta, it goes well with seafood and light sauces. And in tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto‘s version, the pasta is served chilled and piled with ponzu-marinated salmon and scallop. To make it gastronomic, black truffle paste is added to the cold pasta for extra oomph.


Saucy Crispy Wings with Espresso BBQ Sauce ($12.50 – Appetiser NEW*)

Every one loves chicken wings! Personally I love the classic Buffalo wings at tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto and they have added two new flavours to its Saucy Crispy Wings selection. First, with espresso BBQ sauce – crisp chicken wings smothered in a thick, rich espresso and barbecue sauce. The savoury wings were delicious, but a little on the sweeter side. It will be more enjoyable if the rich earthy flavors of espresso can be stronger.


Saucy Crispy Wings with Spicy Mala Sauce ($12.50 – Appetiser NEW*)

The second new flavour – Spicy Mala. Crispy, juicy, hot, spicy and numbing is something that I would expect in the Mala chicken wings department, but these fall short of the spicy and numbing factor and surprising it came a little too sweet as well. The Saucy Crispy Wings with Spicy Mala Sauce would be a definite hot favourite if they come with more fiery heat!


Beverages – Oat Peach (Left $8.00 – NEW*) / Chendolicious Blend (Right $8.50 – NEW*)

tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto‘s updated menu also includes a line up of new beverages and desserts.

Not just looking pretty, but tasted delicious as well – the Oat Peach comprises of oat milk, peach, French vanilla and chamomile tea, while the other, a locally inspired dessert beverage – Chendolicious Blend is also made of oat milk and with hazelnut, butterscotch, green rice flour jelly and sea coconut.


For desserts, besides the cake menu selection, tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto offers cold and creamy gelato served in a glass. With flavours like French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Truffles, Korean Strawberry Chamomile and Sicilian Pistachio, you can’t go wrong with these artisan gelato choices.

Assorted Gelato – Sicilian Pistachio / Dark Chocolate Truffles ($5 Single / $7 Double NEW*)


tcc – The Connoisseur Concerto

List of tcc Art Boutique Caffès

Great World City – Tel: 6737 3317
International Building – Tel: 6732 3696
ION Orchard – Tel: 6509 6106
Isetan Scotts – Tel: 6235 5622

Bugis Junction (main) – Tel: 6837 2027
Bugis Junction (atrium) – Tel: 6336 6956
The Central – Tel: 6534 9082
Circular Road – Tel: 6533 9033
Clarke Quay – Tel: 6336 1121
The Pier @ Robertson – Tel: 6733 8707

VivoCity – Tel: 6221 5455

German Centre – Tel: 6560 1231
AnchorPoint – Tel: 6475 6233



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