Tables For One: Solo Dining @ Yakiniku Like

Yakiniku Like: A quick service Yakiniku barbecue joint from Japan promises a good meal of grilled meats at unbeatable prices


Just two weeks after its grand opening on 3 February 2020, Yakiniku Like is still drawing long snaky queues outside the restaurant and consumers willingness to wait is due to the brand’s main attraction of good-quality meats, diligent service and pocket-friendly prices.

From $7.80, you can get to enjoy tasty and affordable set meal that include a choice of meat, accompaniments of rice, soup and a kimchi side or salad.

Yakiniku Like offers different cuts of beef (from Australia and USA) and portions (100g – 300g) that range from Karubi and Harami (beef short plate & skirt steak) to Mitsuji (top blade), Gyutan (beef tongue) and Wagyu. For gourmands on a budget or non-beef eaters, there is a Pork and Chicken option. You can also get a la carte meat items to add on – as you like.

Prices Listed All Nett Price

Yakiniku Like Set Menu Prices

  • Value for Money : Karui Set – Beef Short Plate ($8.80/100g; $12.80/200g; $16.80/300g)
  • Singapore Exclusive : Trio Set – Beef Short Plate, Pork Jowl, Chicken Thigh ($11.80/150g; $16.80/300g)
  • AAA Top Quality Choice : Prime Karubi & Misuji Set – Boneless Short Rib, Top Blade ($15.80/100g; $19.80/200g)
  • Authentic Japanese Taste : Sukiyaki Karubi Set – Sukiyaki Beef Short Plate ($9.80/100g; $13.80/200g)
  • No. 1 Choice : LIKE Set – Beef Tongue, Skirt Steak, Beef Short Plate ($15.80/150g; $19.80/250g)
  • Best Seller in Japan : Karubi & Harami Set – Beef Short Plate, Skirt Plate ($12.80/100g; $17.80/200g)
  • Unbeatable Price : Pork & Chicken Set – Pork Belly, Chicken Thigh ($7.80/100g; $11.80/200g)
  • Ultimate Indulgence : Wagyu Steak Set – Australian Wagyu ($19.80/120g; $29.80/200g)


While most grilled meat restaurants are often described as smoky and greasy, Yakiniku Like is the opposite – thanks to its advanced and customised smokeless barbecue grills imported from Taiwan.

Ambience wise, it might not ideal for a first date, but definitely perfect for a solo date. With more and more people choosing to dine out alone, Yakiniku Like is one of the rare few barbecue restaurant brands to welcome solo diners. It offers single seating concept with individual grill for the pleasure of dining alone.

There are a total of 16 single dining seats (eight in each row) positioned in the heart of the restaurant. You may find yourself in the awkward centre of the dining space, but don’t worry, there is a partition in the middle of the island for privacy.

And of course, for parties of two or more they can occupy a regular table for grill sharing.


How to order at Yakniku Like

As a fast service and casual dining concept, ordering will be done with your own mobile phone (downloading of app is not required). Simply scan the QR code on the welcome note upon seated, then begin ordering with a set meal or a la carte. Select your desired portion, side dish, drink and upsize option before tapping the cart to check out and process your order.

Each dining table is equipped with a drawer filled with cutlery and wet wipes

Condiments are complimentary on side of the table or at the front of the partition for single seating. There are four types of dipping sauces, namely; LIKE Original BBQ Sauce, Garlic Soy Sauce, Sea Salt Sauce and Spicy Miso Sauce, as well as fresh chilli, garlic chilli sauce, rock salt and black pepper.


Once your order is placed, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes for your food to arrive at your table, as Yakiniki Like service guideline is within three minutes. Of course, all this varies depending on how busy the restaurant is.


The brand currently has 24 outlets in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyushu, in addition to 4 outlets in Indonesia and 2 outlets in Taipei. With multiple locations across Japan and Asia, this is a huge testament to how Yakiniku Like become so successful in today’s fast-changing F&B market.

The Singapore outlet is the brand’s first restaurant to offer individual electric smokeless grill and single seating barbecue which could potentially become a magnet for lone diners here in Singapore.

If you love a good meal of grilled meats and no frills concept, you should head down to Yakiniku Like soon. Expect to queue as the restaurant takes no reservation and allows entry when all guests in the group are present – this is the only ‘small price’ to pay.



Location: 10 Paya Lebar Road #B1-28, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 409057

Phone: +65 6970 7397 (Strictly no reservations, walk-in only)

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

Seating Capacity: 42 Pax



Instagram: @yakinikulikesg

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