Seizan Uni Ramen: Picnic Food Park at Wisma Atria

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Ramen bars are perhaps the most widespread F&B establishments in Singapore, but there is always room for more — especially when it’s new and consumers nowadays are more willingly to try new things.

Gone are the days when ramen joints used to serve only traditional ramen in four classic varieties like: shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (soybean paste), and tonkotsu (pork bones). Now it’s all about serving contemporary ramen to appeal to the modern, discerning clienteles.

If you are on a hunt for unique modern ramen, I recommend visiting Seizan Uni Ramen – a new ramen concept by two Michelin-starred kaiseki restaurant Seizan in Tokyo that occupies a stall in the Picnic food park at Wisma Atria. Go for the Sea Urchin or Uni Ramen ($21), you’ll find this inventive noodle dish absolutely out of this world.


Expect a thick and rich broth made from quality Japanese kombu that is first steeped overnight in pristine water from Mount Fuji. Right before a full boil, the kombu is removed from the water, then bonito and tuna are added to create a beautiful dashi broth. As for the noodles, Seizan brought in their own customised ramen noodles from Japan – it’s bouncy, curlier than most noodles; able to hold more broth and absorbs the soup for a tastier experience.

To bring out the ultimate umami in the ramen dish, premium Japanese bafun uni and a touch of cream and milk are melded with the special dashi to create a buttery uni emlusion, allowing the noodles to hold the secret that makes the prized gem sing. The ramen is also complemented with homemade char shu, onsen tamago, leeks, spinach, spring onions and nori sheets. This smouldering Uni Ramen is one taste explosion you will not understand until you experience it yourself!

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If you like Shio-style ramen broth which is lighter in taste and colour, I suggest you try the Kumamoto Wagyu Ramen ($20) or Dashi Somen ($18), both featuring the added complexity of Seizan signature dashi, but each crafted differently.

The Kumamoto Wagyu Ramen combines dashi with a stock made with Kumamoto wagyu beef bones and tendon, as well as vegetables like leek and garlic which add sweetness. Beef tendon is not a particular favourite of mine, but I’d gladly ate it because it was well-cooked until soft and toothsome.

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The humble Dashi Somen puts the spotlight on Seizan’s dashi, and the flavour is enhanced further with Japanese soy sauce, mirin and sake. It is topped with homemade char siew, soft-centre egg, leeks, spinach, spring onions and seaweed — perfect for those looking for a lighter option.

Seizan Uni Ramen menu also include add-ons with the likes of Crispy fried fish skin ($2), Chicken karaage ($3), and Gyoza ($3).

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Address: 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria, #03-15-49, Singapore 238877

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm






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