The Life Interview with C’Qua home baker and her Show-Stopping Rose Watermelon Cake


I was recently delivered a beautiful parcel of love from C’Qua, which was made with such care that I thought it would be interesting to interview Yvonne, the lady behind the show-stopping Rose Watermelon Cake, and find out what it takes to run her cake business online.

Can you tell us more about C’Qua and how you got started baking?

C’Qua was born out of my pure love for the watermelon cake. You probably would have guess it from the name. I have tasted many cakes but no cakes could motivate me to learn making it except for the watermelon cake. 

I started making the first watermelon cake during a thanksgiving dinner for family and friends in 2017. It was well-received. Soon, friends and families started approaching me to cake craft for them. Back then I was a HR practitioner and a baker at night. I remembered during one of the lunar Chinese New Year, I have to work till 3rd day of new year to fulfil the baking orders.

Through cake crafting, I discovered immense joy. There is a story behind every handcrafted cake. Every handcrafted cake is like a masterpiece which I took pride, effort and time in doing. I want to create beautiful memories for my customers through my bakes. Looking at reviews from our customers, I’ll say we are on the right track.

Where did you get the name “C’Qua”?

We did some brainstorming on how to go about naming the bakery. My friend suggested since I love the watermelon cake, why don’t I name it as “xi gua” (watermelon in chinese). I fell in love with the idea and did a twist with name hence C’Qua was born!


Where did you learn your craft?

I’m a firm believer in continuous learning — my learning journey went from watching online videos to travelling overseas to learn from world renowned Pâtisserie chefs such as Chef Yamashita, Christopher The who runs Black Star Pastry and other chefs from France, Korea, Singapore etc. 

What kind of desserts do you offer, and which are most popular?

Besides our signature rose watermelon cake, another popular flavour is the Lychee Litchi cake. The lychee litchi cake is layered with our signature chocolate french pastry base, slathered with handcrafted berries-mallow and fresh rose cream between the layers, finished with an array of juicy lychees. Each cake took us about 4 hours in handcrafting.

For chocolate lovers, they tend to go for our Choco Royaltine. It consists of 5 divine chocolaty  layers with velvety dark chocolate cake, 55% chocolate ganache, hazelnut paillette feuilletine adding to the crunchiness and taste, layered with chocolaty mousse and finished with a lovely dark shiny chocolate glaze. 


I see a lot of watermelon cake appearing on the social media feed, but I’m dying to know what’s so special about this creation?

Well, this is one unique cake which you will be in for a surprise. Each cake is carefully handcrafted and takes about 4 to 5 hours. The watermelon cake is made up of french pastry, rose cream, layered with real watermelon and garnished with strawberries, pistachio, and edible rose petals from Australia.

The whimsical combination of rose, watermelon and strawberries complement each other well and these flavours come blooming in your mouth when you take your first bite. It is a light cake hence many customers share with us their guests usually help themselves with a second serving. It’s gluten free, fresh and not too sweet. Great for people who are not so into overly sweet stuffs. Surprisingly, we have many customers who does not fancy cakes hear great feedback from friends, gave a shot and love it and became our regulars. 

One of the most memorable experiences was crafting for a granny celebrating her 101th  birthday. Her great grand daughter shared with us her granny had two serving of the cake. It was a priceless moment that puts a smile on our faces.

Are there any new things on the horizon?

We will be launching a few more flavours this year. Up and coming on the radar is a tea cake – Honey Earl Grey cake. A cake specially handcrafted for every Earl Grey lovers. We believe in using the finest quality ingredient for our cakes. Made using premium TWG tea leaves, the aroma of Earl Grey is pretty potent and you get that in every mouthful of your cake. 


What is a typical day like for you?

I start off my day working on cake orders. Our cakes are freshly handcrafted on a daily basis. 

In the mean time, I’ll work on order queries on emails, social media channels and working with suppliers and partners. In my spare time, I’ll be experimenting on new flavours in my lovely baking lab. 

How do you hope to see your business grow within the next year?

Expansion – Moving to a baking studio and having a small team whipping up a storm in the studio!

About C’QUA


Creating happy memories since 2017, C’Qua is a home-based bakery from Singapore and one of the most impressive cake masterpieces ever created is no doubt its signature rose-scented strawberry watermelon cake. Tested, Tasted and Approved!

You don’t need to hit up Google maps to locate this bakery. In fact, consider C’Qua your personal online bakery – one that delivers the most delicious cake treats to your door.

Shop at, ask questions at or connect with C’Qua social media channels below.




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