Traditional Kueh and Cakes by OLLELLA x Ah Ma Homemade Cake


Indonesian pastry specialist OLLELLA  and popular castella cake chain Ah Mah Homemade Cake have joined hands to offer customers a multitude of heritage treats in a one-stop shop concept. This first-of-its-kind alliance will feature the two brands’ signature offerings such as OLLELLA‘s traditional handmade kueh and Ah Mah‘s fluffy castella cakes.

If you are a fan of Nyonya kueh, you can relish in good examples of traditional Indonesian kueh like the rich gula melaka Kueh Wajik, chewy Kueh Bugis and custardy Kueh Salat. Other popular OLLELLA offerings include Kueh Dadar, Rempah Udang and Rempah Ayam. All the products are handmade daily using fresh ingredients and available in small batches production means that items would run out fast.

KUEH SALAT ($1.50 per piece)

A dual layer steamed cake comprising of glutinous rice base infused with blue pea flower and green Kaya custard made of eggs, sugar, hand-pressed pandan juice and freshly squeezed coconut milk.


KUEH WAJIK ($1.50 per piece)

If you love Kueh Salat snack, this Kueh Wajik might just be your new favourite kueh. Made mainly of glutinous rice, the steamed dessert is sweetened with premium Gula Melaka which gives the kueh a brownish color and richer flavour.


KUEH DADAR (ORIGINAL $2.00 per piece / D24 DURIAN $2.50 per piece)

The original Pandan-infused crepes are rolled with freshly grated coconut and gula melaka. It features a moist interior and a slight crunch when you bite into the soft exterior due to the stir-fried coconut filling inside. Also comes with durian filling for those who love the thorny fruit.


KUEH BUGIS ($1.50 per piece)

These chewy morsels are made of glutinous rice flour and pandan juice, then filled with grated coconut and thick gula melaka. The Kueh Bugis here may be small in size, but big on taste.


REMPAH UDANG ($2.20 per piece)

A savoury snack of steamed glutinous rice with an aromatic filling of spicy dried shrimp floss. Think the Chinese rice dumpling (Bak Zhang) adapted with homemade rempah udang (Hae Bee Hiam).



Similar to Rempah Udang, this version comprises of shredded chicken braised in a mixture of herbs and spices, stuffed in the steamed glutinous rice.


PANDAN BROWN CAKE ($11.00 per block)

At OLLELLA x Ah Mah, you can also find a variety homemade castella cakes in classic flavours like Pandan, Chocolate, Marble, Cheese and Original. A new Pandan Brown cake in dual colour derived naturally from pandan and gula melaka is available at the new concept store, as well as all other Ah Mah Homemade Cake outlets islandwide.


OLLELLA x Ah Mah‘s kueh and cakes are available for takeaway at VivoCity #B2-K7 and Tiong Bahru Plaza #B1-K4. Open daily from 10am to 10pm.


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