Shang Social: Shangri-La Group First Standalone 3-in-1 Restaurant Concept at Jewel Changi Airport


Jewel Changi Airport has officially opened its doors on April 17 and locals can look forward to a host of new gastronomic experiences this impressive mall has to offer.

Feeling adventurous or simply craving an authentic Chinese meal? Look out for this casual-luxe Chinese restaurant that happens to come with a posh bar. At Shang Social, diners will be treated to a sumptuous menu of Chinese delicacies showcasing Cantonese, Huaiyang and Sichuan cuisines in a tri-concept venue.

Guests can sit at the communal dining area with views of the main kitchen and direct access to Shang Social MRKT where they can shop for local premium and artisanal produce such as Kwong Woh Hing soya sauces and preserved soya bean paste, aged Chinese liquors and premium harvest teas.


The round tables at the DINING room will be ideal for large family meals and group parties, while those hankering for a boozy relaxation can sit at the Shang Social BAR and sip on a collection of Asian-infused cocktails, craft beers and munch on modern Chinese tapas.


Just in case you were wondering about the restaurant name and its origin, Shang Social is Shangri-La Group‘s first standalone Chinese restaurant outside of a hotel setting and the food is intertwined with three of Shangri-La’s highly acclaimed master chefs — Executive Chef Mok Kit Keung of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore; Executive Chef Joe Hou of Shangri-La Hotel Nanjing; and Executive Chef Rick Du of Shangri-La Hotel Shenyang.

There is close to 100 dishes on the Shang Social menu dedicated to showcase the diversity and authenticity of regional Chinese cooking. With such an extensive menu, knowing which to try and what to order can be tricky, but there are some dishes that simply can’t be missed.

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Signature Pan Fried Bun With Pork (招牌生煎包 — $5.80)

These pan-fried buns filled with tasty minced pork and lots of pork fat juices are the savoury, saliva-inducing highlight of the dim sum selection. They are like cousins of the more renowned xiao long bao, but with a more satisfying bite from the thick puffy skin and meatier filling.


Suzhou Baked Minced Pork Bun (苏州小鲜肉酥皮月饼 — $5.80)

Another delightful dim sum item and a signature dish of Chef Hou, the Suzhou Baked Minced Pork Bun is a popular Jiangsu province snack and has long existed since the Tang dynasty. The version served at Shang Social features a flaky bun pastry skin stuffed with succulent minced pork filling.


Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Ball With Eight Treasures (八宝黄金煎堆 — $18)

A type of fried dough snack made mostly of glutinous rice flour and coated with white sesame seeds. The golden crisp and chewy Chinese pastry ball has a hollow centre and filled inside with a treasure trove of eight ingredients for an auspicious bite.


Spicy Sichuan Chicken (蓉城口水鸡 — $12)

A mouth-watering cold poached chicken dish with bold flavours of house made Sichuan oil dressing and spices, so good it could leave you salivating for more. A must order for Sichuan cuisine fans and those who need a little spice in your life.


Jiang Nan Wok-Braised Black Marble Pork (江南灶红烧肉 — $26)

Lesser-known Huaiyang cuisine is one of the Four Great Traditions in Chinese cuisine. At Shang Social, you can discover a taste of the prestigious cuisine presented in many of Chef Hou’s creations, but elevated with a contemporary flair. For instance, this meaty dish features perfectly marbled slab of pork belly that is cooked through and divinely tender, accompanied with chewy tubers for a great contrasting texture.


Mapo Beancurd with Minced Beef (麻婆豆腐 — $18)

An authentic real deal of Sichuan cuisine comprising soft cubes of silken tofu, tasty bits of ground beef, aromatic scallions and Chef Du’s secret concoction of spices done the right way. Serve hot and best enjoyed with a mounded bowl of white rice.


Deep-Fried Whole Boneless Chicken Filled With Fried Glutinous Rice (脆皮糯米鸡 — $78)

The deep-fried whole boneless chicken filled with fried glutinous rice is one of the signature dishes in the Cantonese cuisine offerings which showcases some truly stellar culinary chops of Chef Mok. A deceptively simple dish but calls for mature knife skills to debone the chicken, as well as using the best ingredients to season the glutinous rice.

The chicken is stuffed with rice, sewn up and brushed with a specially concocted syrup for a tannish finish. It is then air-dried and bathed with hot oil to render the skin paper-thin and crispy yet leaving the meat extremely succulent.


Shang Social Bamboo Noodles (香聚竹昇面 — from $5)

Lastly, don’t forget to order the springy and flavourful signature Bamboo Noodles to pair with the dishes. Alternatively, you can enjoy the handcrafted egg noodles with prawn and conpoy dumpling in XO sauce (极品酱瑶柱鲜虾水饺 $12); stewed beef brisket (柱侯牛腩 $13) or simply with dark soya sauce and lard goodness (猪油捞竹昇面 $6).



Location: Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, #01-219 to 222, Singapore 819666

Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Reservations: +65 6346 0260




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