Seoul Yummy’s New Seoul Spicy Menu For Spicy Food Lovers

Singaporean’s love for food is legendary and Korean food is one of our most-loved cuisine — there’s more to it than just Bibimbap, Tteokbokki, Korean BBQ and Fried Chicken. Home-grown restaurant chain Seoul Yummy is a dining institution of all things yummy, serving a great selection of Korean delicacies to be shared with family and friends.

For a limited period only, Seoul Yummy is inviting foodies to a delicious extravaganza with its new Seoul Spicy Menu available from 1 April to 30 June 2019 at all outlets islandwide.

Guests may choose from a mouthwatering line-up of creations that ranges from light starters to rice dishes and hearty stews.

Photo 6-4-19, 12 06 51 PM

A delicious and heartwarming dish, especially in a grey weather, Dak Bokkeum Tang ($26.80 serves 2-3 pax / $12.80 for individual pot), known as Spicy Chicken Stew features fresh chicken chunks, carrots and potatoes braised in a homemade Korean spicy broth and stir-fry chicken soup.

If you’d like a little carb supplement to this colourful stew, I would recommended adding a serving of Ramyeon (Korean instant noodle $3.90) to make the chicken stew extra special — and extra hearty. It is spicy but at the same time, warms you up and gives you comfort.


The Seafood Jjamppong Stew ($28.80 shares 2-3 pax / $13.80 for individual pot) is another delicious way to enjoy a Korean stew. Seoul Yummy‘s version of Jjamppong stew is made of salted fermented shrimps and Korean spicy soup accompanied with Jjolmyeon (Korean chewy noodles) and fresh seafood like prawns, mussels, clams and squid. This unassuming dish is so addictive, so moreish — and seoul yummy!

Diners get to customise their spice level from 1 to 3 for Dak Bokkeum Tang and Seafood Jjamppong Stew. Spicy food worshippers should challenge themselves and order the highest level, which could potentially leave you in tears.


Seoul Yummy‘s Seoul Spicy Menu also include mains like Fire Rice With Chicken ($11.80) a take on Bokkeum-bap (Korean-style fried rice) kissed with homemade spicy sauce and chunks of spicy marinated chicken; and the flavourful potato noodle dish of Fire Japchae ($11.80) is stir-fried with assorted vegetables and tossed in spicy Korean sauce that could make you breathe fire after a few mouthful.


The side dishes like Fire Mapo Tofu ($6.80), Fire Fried Chikin ($6.80), and Kimchi Dumplings with Jjamppong Mayo Sauce ($7.80) are just as yummy, but give you less fiery intense flavour than the mains.

Photo 6-4-19, 12 31 09 PM

If you think you can handle the Too Spicy Combo ($38.80 serves 2 pax) comes with a choice of spicy stew, 1 appetiser, 2 rice and 2 drinks — Finish the meal at level 3 of spiciness and you’d get 30% off the bill.

Photo 6-4-19, 12 06 26 PMPhoto 6-4-19, 12 11 24 PM

Seoul Spicy Menu is available from 1st April 2019 to 30th June 2019 across all Seoul Yummy outlets.

Find a Seoul Yummy near you!





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