Inside the New KFC Concept Store: The Tank @ Tampines Mall #KFCInsider

One of Singapore’s most-liked fast food brand KFC has unveiled the first concept store in South-East Asia that allows customers to marvel at the entire cooking process of their favourite fried chicken. This new KFC concept is launched at their latest outlet “The Tank @ KFC Tampines Mall“, whereby the store features a glass-enclosed kitchen and offers diners an open-view straight into the live cooking action of making great tasting chicken.

Besides unveiling the new space and concept, KFC also shed light on some of its most secret kitchen practices and introduced an all-new ‘KFC Open Kitchen‘ programme in April, allowing guests access into the closely guarded kitchen and take them on an insider tour to learn the secrets that goes into the preparation of its finger lickin’ good chicken.

Photo 2-4-19, 3 36 21 PM

During the preview launch of “The Tank @ KFC Tampines Mall, we got to witness the everyday beauty of fresh chicken prepared and cooked in the Colonel’s way, which is also a key secret and highlight of being a #KFCInsider — guests participating in the ‘KFC Open Kitchen‘ programme can get to have an up close and personal opportunity with the well-trained KFC cooks and KFC restaurant managers to learn about the service and kitchen operations of the fast food operator. 


The #KFCInsider can furthermore pick up kitchen secrets — one particular secret revealed is the preparation of KFC’s famous Original Recipe chicken, which involves painstakingly amount of cooking techniques starting from cleaning, breading and all the way to frying.


The KFC cooks adopt the “7-10-7” breading technique created by KFC’s founder, Colonel Sanders — every piece of Original Recipe chickens are hand-breaded in an exact sequence with its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

The chicken pieces are rolled seven times in a basket after being clean and rinsed to remove excess moisture, then tossed in the breading flour ten times and pressed into the breading flour seven times to ensure the ideal flour-to-chicken coating ratio.


Following Colonel Sander’s strict adherence to recipe, the chicken is then arranged in a special layout onto the stainless steel clamshell basket before being pressure-cooked. This unique “racking” layout design is to prevent overlapping of chicken pieces and allow different parts the chicken to be cooked evenly throughout.

Photo 2-4-19, 3 27 24 PMP1600754

Being a #KFCInsider, it doesn’t just stop at the kitchen. At the end of the programme, you will be served with a KFC chicken meal (two piece Original Recipe Chicken, two sides and a drink) and bring home a KFC goodie bag!

The ‘KFC Open Kitchen‘ programme and tour will last for 35-minutes and each #KFCInsider pass is priced at $15 per head. There will be a total of 36 tour sessions available monthly across selected KFC outlets that include KFC Kallang, Waterway Point, Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Jurong Point and Northpoint City.

For more details about the ‘KFC Open Kitchen programme and ticketing information, please visit

Photo 2-4-19, 3 26 26 PM


Location: 4 Tampines Central 5, #01-47, KFC Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510

Opening Hours: Daily 8am to 10pm




3 thoughts on “Inside the New KFC Concept Store: The Tank @ Tampines Mall #KFCInsider

  1. The breading for the original Chicken in the video is wrong.
    The cook used 1 pkt of original chicken x 2 birds.
    Not following SOP is not correct. Furthermore its an open kitchen. Cook were not trained properly.
    KFC SOP for OR chicken:
    Put into the water pot, turn to west and turn the East and back to South and shaked 7 times is correct.
    Pour the chicken parts onto the season flour.
    Bread 10 times and pressed 7 times on the chicken parts begore picking up according to KFC SOP ( Not Bread 3 Times, no pressing of 7 times while the chicken parts were still in the flour before picking up) – WRONG method or short cut method USED by cook
    Pick up the chicken parts between the index finger and thumb on both hands , shaked off excess flour by slight tap of each wrist.
    Putting the chicken parts into the cage is aldo wrong.


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