Pince & Pints Clawing Their Way To Victory With Its All New Crab-tivating Dishes

This is arguably the lobster joint that started the lobster roll trend in Singapore!

Since opening its doors in 2014, Pince & Pints has become one of the most highly rated and satisfying lobster feast venue, delighting many customers with its signature lobster rolls and premium live lobsters flown in fresh from the cold waters of Atlantic Coast.

From 25th March 2019 onwards, look out for a refreshed menu with five brand new Crab dishes — available exclusively at the Duxton Road outlet.

Diners can choose from Four styles of Whole Live Crabs, include Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Steamed Crab in Egg White and Grilled Crab, plus a comforting Crabmeat Fried Rice dish.

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Whole Live Chilli Crab ($58)


There’s no more perfectly fitting a crab dish other than our national chilli crab. Pince & Pints rendition of this iconic seafood dish showcases a delicious fusion of tangy, spicy and sweet flavours all in a rich piquant gravy made from a blend of homemade chilli paste, fresh tomato paste and ribbons of egg. The gravy is well balanced and doesn’t overwhelm the natural taste of the succulent crab meat. It is best enjoyed with deep fried mantou buns or fragrant jasmine rice (included).

In case someone in your dinner party doesn’t like chilli crab, the restaurant also serves Whole Live Black Pepper Crab ($58), which will be an equally robust alternative.

Whole Live Steamed Crab in Egg White ($55)


For crustacean lovers who prefer steamed crabs and its intrinsic sweetness, try the Whole Live Steamed Crab in Egg White here. Prepared in Cantonese-style, the whole crab is served with a delicate layer of steamed egg white. The sea sweet juices (crab essence) of the fresh steamed crab enriches the flavours and taste of the ivory-white steamed egg — it is best eaten with a heap of jasmine rice.

Whole Live Grilled Crab ($55)


If you ask me for one claw dish that tops the list of new crab dishes at Pince & Pints, my pick is the classic Whole Live Grilled Crab, which showcases the restaurant’s signature preparation style whereby the whole crab is dissected and brushed with a light coat of butter, before landing on the hot grill for a perfect char and sweetness.

Not many seafood restaurants in Singapore offers live grilled crab, therefore it will be amiss if the crab lovers didn’t try this. This dish is served with crispy straight-cut fries, creamy butter sauce and chef’s salad.

Crabmeat Fried Rice ($18)


You’ll probably be surprised to find a rice dish on the menu. Not your typical fried rice, this hearty plate comes brimming with firm grains evenly coated with egg, fresh crab meat chunks and perfumed with plenty of wok hei (aroma). Spice it up with the fiery housemade chilli oil served on the side — it will leave you clawing back for more!

Side note: Sri Lankan mud crabs are the essential ingredient in all of Pince & Pints crab dishes and each weighs approx 500gram to 600 gram per serving.

Besides seafood, Pince & Pints also offers meaty choices for the carnivores, including new starters and scrumptious mains like Soy Sauce Fried Chicken Mid-Joint Wings & Drumlets ($12), Truffle Mushroom Soup ($12), Nonya Chilli Tiger Prawns ($14), Ribeye Steak ($30, 200g) and the classic Surf & Turf ($65) that will appeal to everyone’s palate.

Soy Sauce Fried Chicken Mid-Joint Wings & Drumlets ($12)


Pince & Pints take on the Korean-style fried chicken, using an umami coat of soy sauce blend with a dash of Korean chilli powder and garlic. Not a Korean fried chicken specialist, but this was cleverly done.

The newly unveiled crab dishes at Pince & Pints got me pretty much excited, and I hope you too. If you’re craving to crack some claws, you now have new options to try (and thank me later!).

Lobster is still the name of the game here — those not wishing to get their hands dirty on whole live crabs and lobsters (prepared in varying cooking styles) can dive straight into a delicious lobster roll for a satisfying taste of Pince & Pints.

Signature Lobster Roll Nyona Chilli ($58)


The best selling lobster rolls here are Signature Truffle Lobster Roll ($68) and Signature Classic Lobster Roll ($58). Get the Signature Nonya Chilli Lobster Roll ($58) if you like some heat, and for an interesting twist — try the one with Wasabi. All lobster rolls comes with chef’s salad, a bucket of straight-cut fries and housemade sauce.


Location: 32-33 Duxton Road Singapore 089496

Tel: +65 6225 7558

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 12pm to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 11pm, Sat & PH 12pm to 11pm, Closed on Sundays



Instagram: @pinceandpints

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