Impossible Foods Brings its Popular Plant-Based Meat Burger to Singapore

Bite into a vegan burger that bleeds — look and taste exactly like a regular beef burger, but it isn’t real beef! The meat is gluten-free, contains no hormones or antibiotics, and is also kosher and halal-certified, made from soy protein concentrate and a key ingredient Heme.

While this might sound like an impossible thing to happen, it turns out there’s such a thing (food) called Impossible Burger! And you can find them at various dining venues across Singapore, including three celebrity chef restaurants at Marina Bay Sands.

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What Is Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger developed from plant-based protein containing an element called soy leghemoglobin, also known as Heme in short — is a bioavailable iron-rich molecule found in animal muscles that produces the ‘meaty’ flavor. With the help of technology, the creative brains at Impossible Foods uses this hemoglobin and other natural ingredients such as wheat protein and coconut oil to fabricate the Impossible Burger.

Who Created Impossible Burger

The vegan-meat brand Impossible Foods is a leading California-based start up backed by powerhouse investors like Bill Gates and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. The founder of the company is Dr Patrick Brown, whom started his business in 2011 and discovered a way to intervene in the detrimental impact of meat production on the planet in 2016 — that was when Impossible Burger was born. Impossible Burger v2.0 was then introduced in 2019 — an improved recipe of its flagship product, replacing wheat with soy protein and the content of ingredients are reported to have a significant reduction in salt, saturated fat and calories.

What Does Impossible Burger Taste Like

Impossible Foods had over 1,000 meat-eaters carried out an experiment to determine the likeability of Impossible Burger 2.0 versus the conventional meat patty made from 80/20 ground beef and the scores for the new Impossible Burger were as high as the cow burgers. In its recent launch in Singapore, I had the opportunity to taste the Impossible Burger, prepared at Marina Bay Sands’ celebrity chef restaurants.


The Impossible Burger faux meat in its pink raw form does resemble some ground beef-like meat. When cooked, the heme molecule works its magic to deliver a nice brown crust with red, juicy look of a beef burger.

Photo 7-3-19, 12 54 26 PM

When you bite into the Impossible Burger, you’d get the fatty mouthfeel (from coconut oil), rich browned flavours and burst of juiciness that you would taste in a burger sans the need to kill a cow — which is quite a big deal!


Where To Find Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger can be found in more than 100 restaurants in Hong Kong and 5,000 locations across America; while in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is among the first to launch the highly anticipated Impossible 2.0 at three of its celebrity chef restaurants.

Guests can enjoy five different renditions of Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat at Adrift by David Myers, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay and CUT by Wolfgang Pluck.


The Impossible Sliders ($18++ for three pieces)

A remake of the restaurant’s signature Mini Kobe Beef Sliders – Grilled Impossible Burger patty, smoked shallot japlapeno marmalade, garlic aiolo, ketchup, housemade sweet pickles and mini brioche buns.



The Impossible Wellington ($39++)

A spin on the restaurant’s iconic Beef Wellington – Seared Impossible Burger meat centre, herb crepe, savoury duxelles, side of mash potatoes and carrots glazed with red wine jus.


The Impossible Flatbread ($24++)

Impossible Burger meat chunks, caramelised onions, crunchy walnuts, rocket pesto, red chillies, flatbread

Photo 7-3-19, 1 13 06 PM

Bread Street Kitchen also offers a third dish The Impossible BSK Burger ($25++) not featured, comes with a 7-ounce Impossible Burger meat patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, smoked bacon ketchup, and served with crispy chips on the side.

Photo 7-3-19, 1 14 14 PM

At Adrift, expect to find a comforting and juicy The Impossible Sausage Roll ($14++), featuring Impossible Burger sausage spiced with fennel, nutmeg, garlic and onions, encased in layer of baked French puff pastry, served with house-made tomato ketchup.

Other Impossible Burger venues include EMPRESS featuring dishes like Sichuan Mapo Tofu with Impossible Meat ($18), Dragon’s Breath Fried Kuay Teow with Impossible Meat Balls ($18); PARK BENCH DELI feature its Impossible Patty Melt ($22); PRIVE ORCHARD featuring Juicy Lucy Impossible Meatball Spaghetti ($19) and Impossible Satay Sliders ($15); THREE BUNS and POTATO HEAD will both feature The Impossible Dream ($27) and The Impossible Chedda ($23).





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