London-Inspired Steakhouse The Feather Blade Has A Permanent Home Now

UPDATED MAY 2019: The Feather Blade Is Now A Permanent Fixture at 90 Club Street

London-inspired steakhouse The Feather Blade is hosting an incredible pop-up steak party to introduce its speciality flat iron steak for no money whatsoever. There is no messing around, foodies take it all and don’t hold back!

To mark its official launch, The Feather Blade will be offering all its steaks entirely FREE, until they run out. The event takes place on March 2nd 2019 from 5.30pm at one of its partnering Tapas bars: Zui Hong Lou at 90 Club Street.

Exact number of steaks available on steak-night giveaway is unknown, but The Feather Blade Founder Sheen Jet Leong said that he has prepared a substantial amount of meat which can feed a crowd for hours. A queue is likely on the event opening night on 2nd March — those who don’t like waiting in line can always come the next evening, but will not be able to enjoy the complimentary steaks.

A bit of good news is that The Feather Blade steakhouse is not a one night pop-up, and will stay open for eight weekends in the month of March and April.

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Treat yourself to a good proper steak with The Feather Blade’s rendition of flat iron steak.

As its name suggests, the steakhouse is dedicated to serving just one cut of beef — Flat Iron, which comes from the cattle’s shoulder was once an undesired cut of beef, but got discovered by expert butchery and became widely sought-after for its marbling and beefy flavour. When cooked properly, this underrated flat iron cut turns out tender and juicy, makes a good alternative to more expensive steaks at high-end joints.

The Feather Blade brings the classic luxury of the steakhouse in a relaxed bar environment with a no-frills concept for the mass consumers. Be sure to exercise your jaws in satisfaction, sussing out the juicy nuances of the tender and flavourful flat iron steak.


The hefty 200gram Feather Blade Steak is well executed for its value-for-money pricing ($21) and the array of accompanying sides are equally smashing with choices like Truffle Salt Cream Corn, Butter Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms Medley and Creamy Spinach, priced at ($7) per serving.

Medium-rare is the most ideal to enjoy the steak, but don’t be embarrassed if you’re opting for a different doneness — you eat it how you like it!

I’d recommend finishing your steak with just a sprinkle of smoked salt, but if you are looking for a sauce to serve alongside the steak and make the flavours sing, The Feather Blade offers four housemade sauces ($2/pan); Bearnaise, Red Wine, Horseradish Cream and Sichuan Peppercorn.

My favourite sauce was the creamy Sichuan Peppercorn that comes with a subtle spicy kick. Any Mala’ fans here?

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To complete the dining experience, The Feather Blade teams up with Zui Hong Lou to deliver a menu of craft cocktails and bottled beers ($14 to $22), as well as a selection of wines and sakes ($16 to $24) by the glass.


The Feather Blade pop-up steakhouse will run from March 2nd to April 28th 2019 on every weekend for dinners from 5.30pm till late. It is a no-booking policy, first-come-first-serve basis.



Location: 90 Club Street, Singapore 069458

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 5.30pm to 1.00am



* The Feather Blade is now operating at a permanent brick-and-mortar location / Updated May 2019

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