Cost-Conscious Foodies Can Rediscover Their Love For Pasta At The New Pop-Up Restaurant: Pasta Supremo @ Suntec City

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We all have our own relationship with pasta. Whether its a classic long-legged spaghetti or the sexy elbow macaroni, there’s no denying that pasta is a universally-loved dish and it comes in endless pasta-bilities.

Customers on budget can savour fresh handmade pasta or stretch their food dollars for more enjoyment at Pasta Supremo, a new pop-up restaurant unveiled at Suntec City mall. Unlike other pop-up businesses, Pasta Supremo is a fully-fledged eatery that would stay for at least 18 months (until late 2020) to prove its delicious worth.

A quick-casual concept conceived by founder Shawn Kishore, who is also the mastermind behind popular Taiwanese zi-char restaurant The Salted Plum, Pasta Supremo was conceptualised to provide consumers with more wallet-friendly pasta options.

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The Restaurant and Vibe

From the moment you step inside the restaurant, you will notice varieties of fresh made pasta on display and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to see the chefs in action.

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One large bench table takes up the heart of the restaurant space and connects you with other patrons.

Reserved customers and small groups can find their spot from a couple of tables at the back and head up to the counter to order something off of their straightforward menu.

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The Menu and Food

Besides serving up a menu of Haus Pasta (in-house signature pastas), Pasta Supremo has also put together a Build-Your-Own-Pasta option that can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be. Put on your creative hat and get in touch with your pasta-nality by selecting and combining the type of homemade pasta, sauces and a range of toppings to build your perfect bowl of pasta.

Pasta Supremo is family-friendly and totally versatile! You can customise it endlessly with variations of pasta shapes, namely Long, Short and Curly; available in vibrant colours of yellow, blue, purple and black, all naturally coloured with ingredients such as egg yolk, blue pea flower, beetroot and activated charcoal.

Accompanying the pasta of choice are four tempting housemade sauces — Haus Marinara, Sichuan Peppers, Chilli, Garlic & Duck Fat, 3 Mushroom Creme and Asian Pesto; while the range of toppings (from $1) and proteins (from $3 to 10) are available in SuperSuperior or Supremo options, include selections like Burnt Miso Corn, Haus Bacon, Lap Cheong Crumble, Chicken Skins, Pork Crouton and more — everything made in-house.

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To build a fantastic pasta bowl, you have to start with the best ingredients. Pasta Supremo uses quality ingredients and fresh made pastas to create delicious, unique flavours at very reasonable pricing (from $8).

If you are searching for a traditional Italian pasta, perhaps you should look elsewhere. Pasta Supremo shakes up the popular pasta dishes with innovative, delectable touches. Call it mod-sin or Asian-fusion, Shawn and his Executive Chef Dannel Krishnan convey their enthusiasm and creativity to their exciting line-up of pasta products and a la carte items.

Make your life a little easier by picking any of Pasta Supremo‘s haus pasta choices.

Prawn Olio Olio ($20)

If you are in the mood for something a little spicy, get the Prawn Olio Olio and rediscover pasta love in a whole new level. The dish features curly ribbons of butterfly pea pasta laced with Sichuan garlic oil made with green peppercorn which is not over-the-top spicy, and generous helping of succulent garlic tiger prawns, crunchy tobiko (flying fish roe) and moreish lap cheong crumble mix up with three types of Chinese sausage varieties.


Supreme Porky Marinara ($15)

A comforting spin on pasta marinara, the Supreme Porky Marinara is served with long charcoal pasta and classic tomato base sauce, piled together with a meaty, juicy homemade pork meatball, crunchy pork croutons and freshly grated 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. It’s a delightful departure from the regular ol’ marinara which normally end up drowning in sauce. All the pasta dishes here are tossed with the right amount of sauce just enough to coat the pasta and not overkill.


Clam Pasta (Pasta Special of the Day $18)

To have some pleasant surprises, keep a look out for the off-the-menu daily specials on the chalkboard. The classic Italian Spaghetti alle Vongole has been given a facelift with this flavourful dish of clam pasta, anchovies and garlic. This is an elegant pasta dish that boasts amazing flavours, it would be superb if the depth of salty flavours was well balanced.


Vege Wege Pasta ($22)

Using short pasta served with a Thai-inspired Asian Pesto sauce, burnt miso corn and assorted mushrooms like shimeiji, button and shiitake, sprinkled with seasoned breadcrumbs and 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese take this Vege Wege Pasta in a healthier direction, ideal for quick swap to a meat-free meal.


Apart from fresh pasta dishes, Pasta Supremo menu is coupled with a variety of sides, ‘Stuff on Bread’ and homemade speciality desserts, as well as a tasty selection of refreshments.

Notable sides or unconventional snacks as starters include Spiced Supremo Chicken Skins, Haus Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, Ocean Trout & Pomelo Salsa and 300 Day Grain Fed Fatty Wagyu.

Spiced Supremo Chicken Skins ($6)


300 Day Grain Fed Fatty Wagyu ($15)


If you are still hungry, you may also try their Stuff on Bread ($4 to $5) — toasted sourdough served with choice topping of Mushroom & Black Truffle Cream, Avocado & Feta, Cheesy Cheese AF and Pasta Supremo‘s outstanding Bak Kwa Jam, a smoky sweet-savoury combination of crunchy housemade bacon and barbecue minced pork spread with little pockets of heat from dried Thai chilli.


The dessert menu is short, simple and sweet with delightful options include Pistachio Creme ($6) mousse topped with pistachio praline, plus a rotating selection of homemade cakes and tarts such as Passion Fruit Kaffir Tart ($6).

Get a wash down mug of craft beer or house wine. Also refreshing libations like Salted Plum Juice, Honey Lime Juice, Thai milk tea, Socked Americano or White Kopi are always welcome after a satisfying meal.


In case you walk too fast and might just miss the restaurant, Pasta Supremo is located near the Suntec Convention Centre and right opposite of Gudetama Cafe.


Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-365/344/373/374 Suntec City Mall (West Wing) Singapore 038983

Tel: +65 6909 8138

Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 9pm

Seating Capacity: 80 Pax



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