HeyTea New Outlet at Clarke Quay Has Alcoholic Iced Teas and Desserts

Wildly popular Chinese tea brand HeyTea 喜茶 has taken their tea game up a notch by launching its second outlet at Clarke Quay — offering a collection of their most delicious tea beverages, tea cocktails and boozy soft serve ice creams that are sure to please adults and youths alike.

Dubbed as Tea Geek Bar, the novel tea-lab-bar will give a whole new meaning and experience of drinking tea beverages. Currently there are six brand new tea blend cocktails and two concoctions in the form of soft serve dessert offered at the new outlet.

photo 24-1-19, 4 56 34 pm

HeyTea has injected new life into the traditional Chinese tea and social drinking culture, by producing innovative ‘naugh-tea’ drinks for an enchanting tasting experience.

Whether you like a sweet, bitter or spicy cocktail, there is a range of flavours for everyone’s taste buds.


Get steeped with Tea Geek Special Blend of signature cold-brewed teas matched with splashes of alcohol like Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Cognac, Chinese liquor and Japanese plum wine, fresh fruits and locally-sourced ingredients — all created in pursuit of excellence and quality.

The six tales’ of HeyTea cocktails comes with striking names inspired by the four seasons and Chinese novels; namely — Scarlet’s Heart, The Royal’s Romance, Spring Fling, Summer Siesta, Autumn Ashes and Winter Solace.

Photo taken with Focos

HeyTea has crafted two exclusive tea cocktails just for Singapore. Firstly, Scarlet’s Heart ($16) the perfect summertime cocktail in Singapore’s all-year round sunny climate. It is a refreshing combination of fresh fruit pulps with aromatic Jasmine green tea (Cloud Pine), uplifting taste of cognac and capped with a layer of egg white foam — it boasts a silky smooth texture and sweet mellow flavours.

The second Singapore-exclusive: The Royal’s Romance ($22) is made with HeyTea‘s special blend of Osmanthus Oolong brew with the smooth and versatile vodka liquor, fresh lemon juice mix and a tasty bunch of sea coconut and mangosteen flesh added for a two-bite texture. This cocktail is my dream combo — it delivers a good, clean punch.


Named after the four seasons in a year, the four endearing tea cocktails vary in characteristics and one of them could become your newest obsession.

Spring Fling ($16) — Jasmine Pine Cloud, White Rum, Mint Leaves / A spin on the classic Mojito, sweet and refreshing with the tang of green tea and a spike of rum.

Summer Siesta ($18) — Ever Spring, Rice Wine, Plum Wine, Rice Balls, Green Apples, Ice Jelly / A combination of squashed French green apples with Japanese plum wine and oolong tea, and a touch of alcohol-infused rice balls. It’s sweet and tart, the layer of colours looks like a celebration in a glass.

Autumn Ashes ($16) — Shining Orchid, Tequila, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Pulps, Chilli Padi / The citrusy flavours of the fruits tames the blue agave tequila in this refreshing drink, comes with a little spicy kick from the chilli padi.

Winter Solace ($18) — Autumn Chill, Strawberries, Blueberries, Wuliangye Liquor / The combination of strawberries and blueberries mixed with tea and spirit is good for berry lovers. You barely taste the strong Chinese liquor, but you’ll definitely feel the zing.

photo 24-1-19, 5 23 00 pm
Left – Spring Fling, Right – Autumn Ashes, Left Back – Winter Solace, Right Back – Summer Siesta

Those seeking super-strong cocktail beverages could find yourself at the wrong end. HeyTea‘s range of cocktails focuses more of its signature teas and unique blend of ingredients. They are easy to drink cocktails that doesn’t hurt anyone, but you have to be of legal drinking age to enjoy.

Not a cocktail fan? No problem. Swoon over these boozy soft serve ice cream desserts that are available exclusively at HeyTea, Clarke Quay.

The tipsy ice cream comes in two delicious flavours — Guinness ($4.50) and Singapore Sling ($5.50), the former is made with Guinness Irish Scout and signature King Fone oolong tea boasting a strong malty flavour, while the latter is our iconic Singapore Sling cocktail transformed into an alluring blush-pink soft serve dessert mixed with dragonfruit juice and Shining Orchid tea.

photo 24-1-19, 6 03 26 pm

If you are fans of HeyTea’s signature cheezo teas, fruity and bobo beverages, you will be pleased to know that you can get the usual drink menu as the HeyTea Ion Orchard store.

The new outlet at Clarke Quay opens late till 1am every day — great for after-dinner drinks and the night owls.



Location: Clarke Quay, 3A River Valley Road #01-06, Singapore 179020

Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 1am

Website: http://www.heytea.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HEYTEACN/


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