Old Chang Kee Unveils Exclusive New Products for Chinese New Year and Singapore Bicentennial

Old Chang Kee is an enduring household brand famous for its delectable signature curry puffs and vast product range of high-quality hot finger food and ready meals. To celebrate the beginning of the new year and to mark the evolution of Singapore in the last 200 years, Old Change Kee is presenting new heritage-inspired treats, including a Hainanese Chicken Rice’O, Curry and Nasi Lemak festive cookies and a line-up of locally-inspired bottled chilli sauces and cooking pastes.

Hainanese Chicken Rice’O — Old Chang Kee Heritage Puff Series

Available from 6 January to 28 February 2019 at all Old Chang Kee outlets

photo 10-1-19, 6 27 09 pm

This new puff creation conceived as the first of Old Chang Kee Heritage Puff Series will be available for a limited period only at all Old Chang Kee outlets nationwide.

Literally, Hainanese Chicken Rice in a puff guise, you can find and taste a substantial filling of Hainanese chicken rice, chunks of steamed boneless chicken, combined with culinary aromatics such as coriander leaves, garlic and shallots, as well as a dash of Old Chang Kee Hainanese Chilli sauce and dark soy sauce encased in the golden-crusted puff.

This isn’t the first time that Old Chang Kee has released puffs in local flavours. Just last year in 2018, the homegrown brand has debuted some exciting creations such as Durian Curry Chicken’O, Jackfruit Curry Chicken’O, Nasi Lemak Chicken’O and Chilli Crab’O, and has been well received by consumers.

Fans of Old Chang Kee will be delighted to know that a new heritage puff will be introduced every two months throughout the year, and they will be coming up with more interesting and nostalgic creations — how exciting!

Chinese New Year Cookies 

Available from 6 January to 28 February 2019 at select Old Chang Kee and Curry Times outlets


This Chinese New Year, Old Chang Kee has also introduced two novel cookies of familiar local flavours — Curry and Nasi Lemak Cookies ($16.80 per tub).

Made from the same curry recipe of Old Chang Kee‘s coveted Curry’O, the savoury Curry Cookies boast revealing nuances of candlenut, blue ginger, lemongrass, garlic, shallots and shredded curry leaves; while the bright amber Nasi Lemak cookies topped with crispy fried ikan bilis and peanuts deliver a punch with quintessential ingredients made with dried chillies, assam, belachan and shrimp paste.

photo 10-1-19, 5 48 34 pm

Both were good — The curry cookie melts in the mouth and leaves a fragrant curry aftertaste. The nasi lemak cookie has crisp texture yet easy to bite; the nasi lemak fragrance was strong, it lingers after the cookie was finished.

The two new cookie products along with Old Chang Kee‘s popular Prawn Roll ($12.80 per tub) will be available at selected Old Chang Kee and Curry Times outlets for a limited period only.

Homemade Chilli Sauces and Cooking Pastes

Available at select Old Chang Kee and Curry Times outlets from 6 January 2019

photo 10-1-19, 5 17 22 pm

Singaporeans love their chilli sauce! And you can now buy ready made chilli sauces at Old Chang Kee stores!

Old Chang Kee has teamed up with a notable F&B-focused media company and renowned food website Miss Tam Chiak to concoct a new range of bottled chilli sauces and cooking pastes, sold at select Old Chang Kee and Curry Times outlets.

Bring a spicy zing to your home-cooked meals with a selection of chilli sauce comprises of three flavours ($5.80 per jar) — Hainanese Chilli, Nasi Lemak Chilli and Homemade Sweet Chilli. These range of house-made sauces is a fantastic shortcut to spice up your beloved dishes and is great as a dipping sauce.

Busy housewives can get things cooking faster with Old Chang Kee‘s all-in-one handy cooking pastes (from $5.80 to $6.80) and recreate iconic Singapore dishes such as Curry, Laksa and Chilli Crab; simply by adding raw ingredients, fresh aromatics and basic seasonings to help whip up a full-bodied dish.

Also to mention, at Curry Times, sister brand of Old Chang Kee, famous for home-cooked curry dishes, has launched limited-time Chinese New Year dishes from 1 January to 28 February 2019, available for dine-in and takeaway.

Expect offerings like Claypot Hainanese Chicken Rice ($8.80), Fortune Vegetable with Scallop ($8.80) and Prosperity Salmon Yusheng ($38.80). Spend above $20.00 and you will receive a complimentary packet of limited edition Old Chang Kee ang pow packets, while stocks last.

photo 10-1-19, 5 35 52 pm

For outlets location, please visit http://www.oldchangkee.com/outlets.htm and http://www.currytimes.com.sg/location.htm

Old Chang Kee Chinese New Year Bazaar

From 4 January to 1 February 2019, Old Chang Kee will be running an old-school theme festive bazaar at 2 Woodlands Terrace, showcasing its festive treats with booth games and street hawker foods of candies, titbits and ice-cream, plus chances to pick a red packet from the Cherry Blossom Tree and stand to win attractive prizes.

Timing — Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm / Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 8pm


Website: http://www.oldchangkee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oldchangkee1956/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oldchangkeesingapore/

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