New Auspicious Picks for Chinese New Year 2019 with Crystal Jade Group

Already settled in as Group Executive Chef of Crystal Jade Group and also resident chef of the brand’s flagship restaurant; Crystal Jade Palace, Chef Martin Foo is no stranger to the industry and he is working progressively to create new culinary flavours for Crystal Jade Group‘s stellar portfolio of casual and fine-dining restaurant brands both locally and overseas.

This is Chef Foo’s first Chinese New Year with the group and he has perfected an outstanding selection of culinary masterpieces for a sumptuous Lunar New Year feast.

Here’s the definitive list of Crystal Jade‘s Chinese New Year offerings divided by restaurant type.

Note: Chinese New Year dining at Crystal Jade restaurants will commence from 21 January to 19 February 2019, except on 5th February all outlets will be closed. 

Crystal Jade 2019 Chinese New Year Treats 

Auspicious Tidings Hamachi Yusheng

Available for dine-in and takeaway at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Crystal Jade Dining IN (Small $88++ / Large $128++)

photo 8-1-19, 12 38 04 pm

A new Auspicious Tidings Hamachi Yusheng is being introduced at Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Golden Palace and Crystal Jade Dining IN, which comes with a vivid palette of colours. Chef Foo is always playing with novel ingredients, flavours and textures, and he has done remarkably well with this new Yu Sheng creation, using pristine seafood such as hamachi fish, salmon roe and Japanese sea grapes (umibodo) to provide the extraordinary flavour of the sea, in contrast to the sweeter pickled ingredients and usual Yu Sheng suspects like julienne carrot and turnip.

For added crunch, pork floss rolls made to resemble fire crackers are fused in the Yu Sheng with accompanying homemade dressing comprising of fresh passionfruit, roselle juice and plum sauce for a delightful savoury-sweet combination.

photo 8-1-19, 12 38 11 pm

Grilled Iberico Pork Collar Honey Char Siew with Black Bean Sauce  

Available for dine-in at Crystal Jade Palace ($30++ per portion)


It’s no secret that char siew is one of the Chef Foo’s powerhouse meat item. At Crystal Jade Palace restaurant where Chef Martin Foo is the chef-in-residence, he has created a new char siew dish with the use of Spanish pork in this Grilled Iberico Pork Collar Honey Char Siew with Black Bean Sauce.

I was told that the fermented black bean sauce is specially sourced from Taiwan, which brings out a unique flavour to the tender meat. A well-executed char siew dish indeed, but my only complaint was that there wasn’t enough to go around.

Pan-Seared Lobster with XO Sauce topped on Yuzu Noodles

Available for dine-in at Crystal Jade Palace


From the extensive range of set menus that start from $108 to $168 per head, and from $488 for 4 persons to $3,288 for 10 persons, one of the dishes that stands out is the Pan-Seared Lobster with XO Sauce on Yuzu Noodles. This clean-tasting dish presents a fresh new way of eating lobster noodles. The yuzu-infused noodles was light and refreshing, while the pan-seared lobster was perfectly sautéed.

Chilled Crystal Purple Sweet Potato with Red Dates and Longan 

Available for dine-in at Crystal Jade Palace


The idea of purple sweet potato sounds good, but in a chilled dessert with red dates and longan — that’s very interesting! Purple sweet potato is shaped into a glassy mochi-like ball which played well in flavour and texture. This cooling and refreshing dessert seems like the local Cheng Tng dessert, but in a refined version!

Steamed Fortune Dumpling

Available for dine-in at all Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao and Crystal Jade Jiang Nan outlets ($6.80++ for 6 pieces)


Fans of Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao have a good reason to visit the restaurant soon as there will be a limited edition Steamed Fortune Dumpling, filled with a tasty combination of minced pork, black moss, mushrooms, diced carrots and steamed succulent prawns. Looking gorgeously in blush-pink, these little packages are best enjoyed with a dipping of aromatic oil-based sauce made with chopped pickled red chillies.

King Prawns 2-Ways / Deep-Fried Prawn Head with Salt & Pepper and Pan-Fried with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Available for dine-in at Crystal Jade Kitchen ($32.80++ regular portion)


At the casual dining Crystal Jade Kitchen, crustacean enthusiasts will love the robust flavours of the King Prawns prepared in two ways. The body of the king prawns are pan-fried and tossed with house-made sweet and sour sauce, while the prawn heads are deep-fried with salt and pepper — makes a great appetiser, or served with rice.

Bountiful Abalone Treasure Pot

Available for takeaway only (include claypot) at Crystal Jade restaurants (Small $268.80 / Large $468.80)


For those looking for something traditional, you can indulge in this timeless Bountiful Abalone Treasure Pot which consists of 18 choice ingredients the likes of whole 10-head abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, fresh scallop, fresh prawn, dried oyster, conpoy, black moss, pig trotter and dried mushrooms braised in thick supreme broth that is hearty and luscious — definitely a show-stopper on any reunion table and best savoured with family and friends.

Online order is now available and ends 14 February 2019, collection from 21 January 2019 at select outlets.

Eternal Bliss Platter 

Available for takeaway only ($38.80). Online orders with three-day advance order required, limited quantities.

photo 8-1-19, 2 28 05 pm
Note: Image for illustration purpose only.

Best for gift-giving, Crystal Jade‘s elegant Eternal Bliss Platter comprises of Five tempting savoury and sweet homemade items including familiar treats like Prosperity Carrot Cake, Abundance Yam Cake, Fortune Glutinous Rice (not featured in image); updated creation of Red Date Coconut Cake, as well as Golden Osmanthus Chrysanthemum Cake are also available in individual seven-inch portions.


In addition to the information listed, you can find more details of Crystal Jade Chinese New Year 2019 offerings at

Exclusive Promotions for Crystal Jade Takeaway Items

Online Order from 17 Dec 2018 to 14 Feb 2019 — Collection from 21 Jan to 19 Feb 2019 at select outlets.

  • 12% + 3% for Jadeite members making payment with partnering bank cards holder
  • 10% + 3% for Jadeite members or partnering bank cards holder

Visit for Crystal Jade takeaway online orders and more information of Crystal Jade festive goodies.

Outlet Order from 4 Jan to 19 Feb 2019

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For restaurant outlet locations, please visit Crystal Jade official website.





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