Goodwood Park Hotel Lunar New Year Treasures 2019

Reunion dinner is the pivotal meal of Chinese New Year as it brings bountiful feasts and joyous memories for the family. In the Year of the Pig 2019, Goodwood Park Hotel and its award-winning Chinese restaurant Min Jiang will tempt diners with a prosperous selection of new culinary favourites and sweet Lunar New Year treats.

Their Chinese New Year set menus boasts tasteful creations filled with festive flavours and splendour that will start the new year on a high note. Prosperity Set Menus are priced from $118 per head (min. 2 pax) or from $598 for a table of six persons at Min Jiang, and from $88 per head (min. 2 pax) or from $888 for a table of six persons at Min Jiang at One-North.

Reunion Lunch is served from 11.30am to 2.30pm, while dinner is from 6.30pm to 10.30pm; available from 18 January to 19 February 2019.

Toss in good fortune and prosperity with two new Yu Sheng stars in 2019 — Prosperity ‘Fa Cai’ Yusheng from Min Jiang and Fruitful Abundance Yu Sheng with Whole Abalone in Raspberry and Sour Plum Sauce from Min Jiang at One-North.


Prosperity ‘Fa Cai’ Yu Sheng

Available for dine-in at Min Jiang ($168++ per large portion only)

This brilliant Yu Sheng platter including the auspicious painting of eight pigs is crafted by Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee of Min Jiang. The work of art is completed with raw salmon slices, abalones and the hotel’s homemade bak kwa (pork jerky) crowned with yellow pickled radish, topped with a medley of crisp vegetables and homemade dressing mix of calamansi juice, plum sauce, lemongrass and strawberry jam.


Fruitful Abundance Yu Sheng with Whole Abalone in Raspberry and Sour Plum Sauce

Available for dine-in at Min Jiang at One-North ($118++ per small portion / $168++ per large portion)

Go healthy and eat light this Chinese New Year with a refreshing Yu Sheng option that comprises a selection of fruits such as Julienned peaches and dragon fruit. Thinly sliced honeydew, mangoes and kiwi are arranged in a pretty stack, complemented with ingot-shaped yuzu jelly, strawberries and six baby abalones with red tobiko topping off as the crown of the yusheng. Served with a vibrant mix of fresh vegetables and accompanying condiments to toss to a fruitful new year.

Lunar New Year Treats 

Drum Of Fortune — NEW

Available for Takeaway at The Deli ($108 nett for 1.3kg)

photo 4-1-19, 7 36 37 pm

GWP: Decked in resplendent red and gold, this majestic ‘drum’ is a chocolate marble cake coated with fondant and topped with eight lucky Mandarin oranges made with dark chocolate and mini chocolate ingots, perfect for celebrating the beat of festivities.

Pineapple Ingot Tarts — Back by Popular Demand

Available for Takeaway at The Deli ($40.80 nett per box of 10 pieces)

photo 4-1-19, 7 36 00 pm

GWP: Proudly made with Chef’s proprietary pineapple jam, these buttery gems will make a welcome addition to the snack table during the all-important house visits.

Duo of Prosperity Fish – Mango with Pomelo & Sago and Durian Pudding) — Back by Popular Demand

Available for Takeaway at The Deli ($118 nett for 10 persons)

photo 4-1-19, 7 36 43 pm

GWP: Ideal as a gift or for enjoying as a befitting sweet finale, this auspicious pair is brimming with tropical fruit flavours. Guests can also opt to purchase a pair of Durian pudding fishes for $128 nett.

The Huat! Tart — Back by Popular Demand

Available for Takeaway at The Deli ($48 nett for 500g)

photo 4-1-19, 7 36 27 pm

GWP: This oversized 6.5-inch pineapple tart made its coveted return for the second year running. Filled generously with homemade pineapple jam and crowned with an auspicious 發, it will definitely bring smiles to your guests’ faces, especially if presented with an exuberant cheer of ‘Huat ah!’.

New Year Cookies and Chips — NEW & Back by Popular Demand

Available for Takeaway at The Deli (from $22.80 nett to $36.80 nett per jar)

photo 4-1-19, 7 35 17 pm

GWP: The hotel’s all-time favorite festive snacks that have garnered a loyal following include the Macadamia & Chocolate Chip Cookies, the Sweet Cashew Nuts and the wildly-popular arrowhead chips. The NEW Salted Egg Yolk Cookies ($28.80 nett per jar) and Sugee Cookies ($22.80 nett per jar) will also make for an addictive snack or a house visiting gift.

photo 4-1-19, 7 35 43 pm

GWP: Not featured here but also another popular favourite is the Bak Kwa ($56 nett for 600g / $88 for 1kg) marinated in a proprietary blend of spices and barbecued by the hotel’s Chinese chefs, then pre-cut in small slices and packed for convenience.

Abundant Feasting Specials

Prosperity Duo of Deep-Fried Pork Knuckle and Slow-Baked Honey Butter Ribs — NEW

Available for takeaway at Min Jiang ($147.65 nett for 6 persons)


GWP: A delightful dish showcasing pork in two glorious forms with contrasting flavours and textures. The knuckle baked and deep-fried to a beautiful golden crisp, the ribs slow-braised for 80 minutes then drizzled with honey butter before slow baking them to achieve that sweet-savoury tenderness.

Double-Boiled Whole Chicken Stuffed with Bird’s Nest and Duck Foie Gras Dumplings — NEW

Available for takeaway at Min Jiang at One-North ($308.15 nett for 6 persons)


GWP: Nourish in a flavour-packed chicken broth dish that is fit for a royal and requires no less than four hours to prepare. This one-pot delicacy comprises boneless chicken stuffed with bird’s nest and duck foie gras wrapped in velvetly smooth dumpling skins.

Braised Pork Belly with Pan-Fried Lotus Root Pork Patties and Sea Treasures in Claypot — NEW

Available for takeaway at Min Jiang at One-North (Dine-in $298 / Takeaway include claypott $318.85 nett for 6 persons)


GWP: This celebratory dish features a flavourful and tender pork belly with tasty lotus root pork patties and a treasure pot of luxe ingredients including the Australian 10-head abalones, sea cucumber, dried oysters, flower mushrooms, dried scallops, black moss and Tianjin cabbage.

Fortune Delight Crispy ‘Heung Song’ Duck with Glutinous Rice — NEW

Available for takeaway at Min Jiang at One-North ($179.75 nett for 6 to 8 persons)


GWP: ‘Heung Song’ literally Cantonese for ‘fragrant floss’ describes the preparation of the duck in this instance. Deep-fried to fragrant crisp, then finely shredded to resemble ‘floss’, it is best eaten with the fluffy glutinous rice for maximum enjoyment.

Trio of ‘Niao Gao’ Desserts

Available for Dine-in at Min Jiang ($32++ for 9 pieces / $42++ for 12 pieces / $52++ for 15 pieces)

photo 4-1-19, 7 37 10 pm

A dessert platter that celebrates ‘Nian Gao’ in three delicious ways Deep-fried Cempedak Nian Gao, Pan-fried Yam and Pumpkin Nian Gao and Chilled Durian Nian Gao showcases chef’s take on Niao Gao in varying textures, flavours and temperatures.

Exclusive Privileges For Takeaway Lunar New Year Treasures

  • 18 Jan to 19 Feb 2019 — 15% OFF* for CITI, DBS/POSB, OCBC and UOB Card Members
  • 18 Jan to 19 Feb 2019 — 20% OFF* for Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet Card Members
  • Order and Full Payment By 25 Jan 2019 — Additional 5% OFF*

*Discounts not applicable for ‘Bak Kwa’ and Festive Treasures Takeaway Set Menus.

Lunar New Year Takeaways are available from 18 January to 19 February 2019.
Order Website:

For reservations or enquiries on Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel, please contact Tel: +65 6730 1704 or email to

For reservations or enquiries on Min Jiang at One-North, please contact at Tel: +65 6774 0122 or email to


Goodwood Park Hotel
Address: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Main Tel: +65 6737 7411

The Deli
Tel: +65 6730 1786

Min Jiang
Tel: +65 6730 1704

Min Jiang at One-North
Tel: +65 6774 0122




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