Antoinette Unveils Sweet And Savoury Indulgences For Chinese New Year 2019

Parisian pâtisserie and salon de thé Antoinette has unveiled sweet and savoury indulgences for the Chinese new year which comprises an eclectic emporium of divine tasting items.

Antoinette‘s chef-owner Pang Kok Keong has put a contemporary spin on the quintessentially French fare by devising a range of sweet delights and savoury medleys.

Star of the show is the new festive cake named Abundantly 财源滚滚 ($38), features a lusciously textured chiffon cake infused with rich sweet purple potato, topped with black sesame peanut feuilletine and complemented with an abundance of sweet toppings such as black sugar tapioca bubbles, candied sweet potato, yam cubes, golden chocolate coin, golden chocolate ingot and fish.


To eat the cake, slide off the partition to release flowly salty cheese cream that drapes over the chiffon cake. It’s a beautiful combination of sweet and savoury indulgence in one!

This inviting new year treat will bring you a windfall of wealth and luck, plus it’s such a fun and delicious way to celebrate the customary festival. Don’t cha agree!


Dreaming of winning the million dollars annual Hong Bao draw? You are likely to have better luck with Antoinette‘s rendition of Hong Bao (S-$10, L-$25) which you can see and eat, and get filled with a lifetime of blessings.

Inspired by Chinese symbolism and flavours, the fresh gourmet pastry bread Hong Bao is handmade with a unique combination of the French “poolish” and the Japanese water roux bread making techniques, and infused with red dragon fruit for flavour and colour.


The soft and bouncy bread is filled with with mochi (nian gao) made in-house with black sugar and perfumed with fried shallots, lightly candied yam and sweet potato as well as fluffy pork floss and salted egg.

Small Hong Bao is $10 each serve about 6 to 8 people, while the Large Hong Bao is $25 each and could feed bigger appetites up to 20 people.


Antoinette‘s Queen’s Yusheng ($88) makes a comeback for the new year and invites diners to crack the golden chocolate egg resting on its auspicious nest of chocolates, almonds and cashews, as well as mandarin orange butter cake, meringue kisses, yam and sweet potato chips.


How to enjoy the Queen Yusheng 

Crack open the golden chocolate egg to reveal a cache of flourishing ingredients such as freshly diced and shredded pineapple, Thai green mango, red dragon fruit and pomelo.

Drizzle over the dressing of mandarin orange, plum and gula melaka, and toss up for a roaring good time.


Guests opting for bite-sized pleasures will certainly be spoilt by Antoinette’s Purplelette macarons ($3 per piece, $19 for six). Adorned with regal purple macaron shell infused with purple sweet potato, the delicate confection is sandwiched between a ring of sweet potato cream and salty cheese centre which provide the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.


Get chip-frenzy over Antoinette’s brand new Mala Chips ($15/tub). Chef Pang’s rendition of Mala Chips features seven different peppers including the Sichuan lantern peppers and Sichuan bullet head peppers for the ultimate Mala addiction.


Antoinette also offers an elegant selection of seasonal classics like Traditional Pineapple Tarts ($15), Honey Comb ($15), Chocolate Love Letters ($20), and festive cookies packaged in beautiful gift sets (from $75 for Saint Honore Gift Box).


Cookie Flavours include Matcha ($10), Black Sesame ($10), Ondeh Ondeh ($12), Hae Bi Hiam ($12), Kopi Susu ($10), Curry Cheese ($10), Spiced Salted Egg ($12), and Osmanthus ($10).

For the best selection, get the Antoinette “Singapura” Cookie Tin ($24) comes with local-inspired cookies — Curry Cheese, Spiced Salted Egg, Ondeh Ondeh, Kopi Susu, Osmanthus and Hae Bi Hiam.


For pre-orders and more information about Antoinette, please visit the official website at

Beyond Antoinette‘s patisserieChef Pang also manages his latest culinary venture 小彭客家菜 Pang’s Hakka Delicacies which specialises in locally-inspired heritage dishes and predominating traditional Hakka cuisine.

The menu start off with one leading item Hakka Abacus Seeds 算盘子. The traditional Hakka dish is made from yam and tapioca starch, sauteed with moreish ingredients like minced pork, dried shrimps, mushrooms, leeks, garlic, black fungus and garnished with shallots, spring onions and coriander.

Comes in two serving size 250g for $8 and 1kg for $30, available only for takeaway.


Other Hakka-heritage dishes on the menu include Hakka Leek Kueh (a box of six pieces for $12), Hakka Mugwort Kueh (a box of three pieces for $9), Hakka Yam Cake ($8), Hakka Mee Tai Mak (250g for $6 and 1kg for $22).

New and specially created for Chinese new year, Chef Pang gives his spin on the Hakka Muah Chee, using two different types of muah chee coating and crispy fried shallot garnish. First, roasted white sesame seeds with roasted peanuts and caster sugar; while the second, roasted black sesame seeds with roasted peanuts and black sugar.

To maintain freshness, the coatings are packed separately from the muah chee and customers can have fun assembling and customising the muah chee to their liking. The Hakka Muah Chee is available for pre-order and takeaway from 5th January 2019, and priced at $15 for approx. 800grams per serving.


Orders for Pang’s Hakka Delicacies are accepted only via whatsapp at +65 9021 7507 (one day in advance before 3pm). Self-collection on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm at Antoinette @ Penhas.

During the Chinese New Year period on 4th February, and from 7th to 24th February 2019, pick up timing is daily from 11am to 2pm.

For more information about Pang’s Hakka Delicacies, please visit


Flagship Outlet: 30 Penhas Road (off Lavender Street), Singapore 208188

Tel: +65 6293 3121

Opening Hours: Mon to Thu 11am to 10pm, Friday & Eve of PH 11am to 11pm, Sat 10am to 11pm, Sun & PH 10am to 10pm

MG Outlet: 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #02-33/34, Singapore 238897

Tel: +65 6836 9527

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily





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