The MAST’ of Mozzarella & Co. – Charming First Outpost in Asia Serving Up Freshly-Made Cheeses

Hailing from the capital of Rome, The MAST’ of Mozzarella & Co., which translates to Cheese Master in Italian, has just opened its first ever Asian outpost at Frasers Tower, Singapore, serving up an enticing variety of Italian brunch and dinner fare highlighted with prized Mozzarella cheese freshly produced on-site every day!

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Drawing a crowd of enraptured passersby with their Mozzarella-making process which can be witnessed through the window, The MAST’ prides itself in serving Mozzarella in its freshest state and at the optimum temperature, which they believe gives rise to its unrivalled taste and quality.

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The cheese curds, made from high-quality Buffalo milk from the osteria’s very own farm in Valle dei Templi, Paestum; as well as the furniture, are all imported from Italy; giving rise to an invigoratingly bright and charming, intimate atmosphere, tastefully adorned with rustic wooden pieces. Alfresco dining is available, as well, for those seeking a more casual experience.

Diners-on-the-go can choose from a myriad of mouthwatering pastries ($2.50 to $4.00++) paired with robust Italian coffee for a quick take-away; while those seeking something heartier will be spoilt for choice by the osteria’s expansive menu, featuring the finest Italian-sourced produce curated to complement their house-made Mozzarella, Burrata and Stracciatella.

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Fresh creamy cheeses sit at the heart of The MAST’s menu; encompassing an inviting selection of antipasti, salads, artisan pastas and burgers, as well as Italian regional specialties. One of their signature starters include the Tris Di Bufala ($28.00), an indulgent platter of Mozzarella, Burrata and Special Burrata paired with mixed salad and basil pesto, plus a basket of rustic, addictively crispy Roman Schiacciata bread.

Photo 9-12-18, 5 50 47 AM

The Burrata, which consists of a solid Mozzarella shell encasing a smooth, oozing interior of Stracciatella cheese together with cream, was wonderfully creamy with a rich, pronounced dairy flavor. The soft, lusciously flowy interior, erupted with a mini explosion when cut into, and when coupled with the semi-solid, slightly-chewy mozzarella exterior, was pleasingly delightful in its texture and gentle, milky umami; heavenly when paired with warm bread!

Photo 9-12-18, 7 28 46 AM

Other highlights on the menu include the Crostini E Fughi ($16.00) and Verdure Grigliate ($18.00); the former being crusty Altamura artisanal bread topped with creamy Stracciatella, mushrooms, and truffle; while the latter an antipasti platter of zucchini, tomatoes, artichokes, and aubergines makes a perfect starter to the meal.

Photo 9-12-18, 6 50 23 AMPhoto 9-12-18, 7 21 09 AM

For the mains, look forward to an exciting Roman specialties such as, the pinse, a foccacia-style flat bread lavished with a variety of delicious ingredients. The Salmone Scozzese E Zucchine ($18++ for Medium/$22 for Large) consists of freshly-baked pinse topped with Buffalo Mozzarella, smoked salmon, and zucchini; rather hearty in portion, it’s great for sharing.

The Le Schiacciate, as well, is a traditional Roman stuffed bread that’s thin, crispy, and fragrant. Somewhat croissant-like in its flakiness, the Mortadella ($18.00++) consists of crisp Schiacciata bread sandwiching Stracciatella cheese, thin shavings of Mortadella sausage, and fresh truffle together with mixed salad.

Photo 9-12-18, 7 47 38 AM

Slightly chewy with lightly charred edges, and topped generously with molten cheese & fresh produce, the pinse is a must-order for pizza-lovers! While the Mortadella, being palatably light, fresh, and crispy, is a wonderful choice for those seeking a quick fix for lunch.

Photo 9-12-18, 7 39 50 AM

More carb-heavy offerings include the Black Angus Campano Burger ($22.00) served with hand-cut fries – which consists of a juicy Angus patty seared to perfection and topped with Mozzarella, onions, fresh tomato & mixed salad; as well as the Bigoli Pasta ($20.00), which was enjoyably al dente served with homemade tomato sauce, basil, and Stracciatella cheese.

Photo 9-12-18, 7 56 10 AMPhoto 9-12-18, 7 20 34 AM

End the meal on a sweet note with a classic Italian frozen dessert – The Tarfuto Bianco ($12.00) is a Sabayon semifredo ice cream centered with coffee ice cream and finished with Italian meringue pieces. Decadent and refreshing, it’s a lovely way to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling too sinful.  Alternatively, there are a wide range of regional wines and draft beers, proudly imported from Italy, as well as a line-up of dazzling cocktails and bubbly proseccos.


Customers can bring home freshly-made Mozzarella cheese ($8 for 125 g), as well as a curated selection of Italian produce for takeaway. The MAST’ offers an authentic Italian dining experience for office-goers, families, and intimate gatherings alike, with elegant setting and quality, delicious cheeses at judicious prices.

The MAST’ of Mozzarella & Co.

Address: 182 Cecil Street, Frasers Tower, #01-05/08, Singapore 069547

Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 10am to 10pm, Closed on Sun & PH

Reservations: +65 6513 8010



*Words and Photography by Angel (@angell_ism)

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