Black Tap SG – Burgers and Crazyshakes

The well-acclaimed Black Tap restaurant from New York has opened its first outpost in Asia – right at MBS Singapore just last month! Famous for their gourmet burgers and CrazyShakes (crazy milk shakes), Black Tap actually started out as a 15-seater burger joint in NY, and has since expanded into an empire of 11 restaurants across the globe, just within this year alone!



This graffiti mural at the facade of the restaurant sets the tone and vibe for the restaurant, exuding the 80s and 90s hip hop culture.


The dining area includes some booth seats, to mimick the American diner layout.


Aside from gourmet burgers and CrazyShakes, Black Tap also has a range of signature craft beers, cocktails and mocktails.


This is open CrazyShakes bar is where you can witness your over-the-top milkshake being made. Be entralled by the colours, the pomp and grandeur of the concoction of your CrazyShake! (And be prepared for the onslaught of sugar!)

Disclaimer: The cups of the milkshakes you see here are only for the purpose of the grand opening party. The actual size of the CrazyShakes are taller!


Brooklyn Blackout ($19++): chocolate frosted rim with mini chocolate chips topped with a chocolate brownie, served with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. The first thing that struck me was, wow what a huge slab of brownie!! Next, upon trying the chocolate milkshake itself, I was surprised that it’s actually not as sweet as what I’d expected! In fact the thickness of the milkshake was just nice, and the chocolate wasn’t overpowering. The brownie was also very fudgy and delicious!


Sweet N’ Salty ($20++): this is a peanut butter shake topped with chocolate pretzel, M&Ms , a sugar daddy, and PB cups, and of course, with the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. I really enjoyed this milkshake because the peanut butter taste was strong but not too sweet as well. But that said, drinking it on your own will be quite overwhelming!


The Cookie Shake ($19++): a vanilla cookie shake with cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, and topped with a ‘cookiewich’, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. (I requested for the whipped cream to be left out here.) I thought this was pretty ordinary, and the flavour profiles were plainer than that of the previous two.


Not a fan of milkshakes? Try out their huge range of cocktails/mocktails/craft beers! I tried the Raspberry Honey Ricky ($12++), which was very sweet but refreshing.


And now moving on to the burgers! All of them are served with french fries. Starting with The All-American Burger ($22++), this is what is commonly known as the classic American burger. The beef patty was alright, good but not extraordinary. But that layer of cheese is yums and the vegetables tasted really fresh!


The Greg Norman ($26++), however, was rather impressive! Featuring wagyu beef, house buttermilk-dill, blue cheese and arugula, the wagyu beef was very tasty and moist, and the blue cheese was an interesting addition that grows on you, bite by bite! The brioche buns used for all the burgers are buttered well and very soft and fluffy.


The Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($23++) was presented to us like a burger, so I’m not sure if it was just for that day. Anyway, the Korean BBQ chicken was really tender and marinated well. It comes with buttermilk coleslaw, cilantro, fresh lime and spicy mayo for that extra kick!


For a vegetarian option, go for The Falafel Burger ($21++). It comes with tahini, pickled onion, greek feta and hummus. This burger proves that you don’t need a beef/meat patty to enjoy a great burger! It’s substantial, delicious and doesn’t compromise on the taste too! Also, I like that the falafel was crisp on the outside.


The entrance of Black Tap into Singapore, and MBS in particular, is set to shake things up (pun not intended) with its over-the-top milkshakes, delicious burgers, and its vibrant yet casual, laid back setting. Definitely great for gatherings with your friends or family!

Black Tap

Address: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, L1-80 Bay Level, 2 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018972

Opening Hours: 11am – 11.30pm Daily

Telephone: +65 6886 9957


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