Masizzim Singapore Adds New Dishes To Its Menu — Including Shabu Shabu Hotpot


Popular Korean stew restaurant Masizzim Singapore has expanded its menu offerings and bringing in new dishes to add to the old favourites. 

Shabu Shabu is largely a Japanese fare, but it does exists in Korean restaurants as well. It is ranked among some of the best food experiences one can have in any setting and here at Masizzim Singapore, you can enjoy the same dip and sip culinary experience, but in a Korean way.

Served in the same style as Masizzim’s signature stews – in a cast iron pot over an open flame, the Shabu Shabu comprises homemade dashi soup (spicy / non-spicy), assorted vegetables and mushrooms, Korean ramyeon and choice of sliced pork collar, beef short plate or wagyu beef.

Pork — Single ($17.90) | Double ($29.90)
Beef — Single ($19.90) | Double ($32.90)
Premium Wagyu Beef — Single ($24.90) | Double ($40.90)


Each set includes Masizzim’s special dipping sauce of soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, chilli, onion and wasabi. There is an option to add-on additional Shabu Shabu meat, mix-grain rice, rice ball and raw egg.

While not a speciality Shabu Shabu restaurant, Masizzim’s rendition satisfies just about any palate. I particularly liked the clear non-spicy broth which is already flavourful on its own and features a mild sweetness in the dashi soup. The spicy variety hits the spot too, but I think it would be even nicer if they can crank the spicy up.

Other new dishes on the menu include King’s Ribs ($16.90), Spicy Octopus ($17), Bulgogi Rice Ball Pork ($9) / Beef ($10) and Crabmeat Egg Roll ($12.90).

Masizzim is currently running a promotional deal for you to enjoy the new Shabu Shabu at a special price. From just $35, you can customise your own Shabu-Shabu set meal with picks from the new menu.

  • 1 x Shabu-Shabu: Pork / Beef / Premium Wagyu Beef
  • 1 x Bulgogi Rice Ball: Pork / Beef
  • 1 x Crabmeat Egg Roll

Note: Flash the Masizzim Facebook post to enjoy the above special promotion.

Photo 17-9-18, 7 46 24 PM


Westgate Outlet 
Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #01-07 Westgate Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: Sun to Thu 11am – 10pm, Fri to Sat 11am – 11pm

313@Somerset Outlet
Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-02 313@Somerset Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: Sun to Thu 11am – 10pm, Fri to Sat 11am – 11pm


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