House of MU: Comfort European Dining

Your first impression of this restaurant could be… why does the name sound a little odd? That’s because over here, you can not only delight in sumptuous European cuisine, but also purchase exquisite Burmese teak furniture too! Hence, the Chinese word ‘mu’ referring to the wooden furnishings that they sell.


One of the founders of this restaurant runs Burmese teak factories in Myanmar, and thus all the furniture in the restaurant is uniquely made and designed using the highly sought-after Burmese teak. You can even buy the table and chairs that you dined on!

More about the food, the head chef actually holds much experience to his name. Having worked at key positions in the well-acclaimed Les Amis and Iggy’s for many years, Chef Tyrell Joon designs this menu to feature popular family style dishes using gastronomic techniques he has learnt in the French establishments over the years.


Starting off with their Soup of the Day ($9++), we were served the Mushroom Soup. It was smooth and homogeneous with a rich earthy flavour from the shiitake and button mushrooms used. But my personal preference is to have actual mushroom pieces in it for texture and bite.


The Fresh Bread Basket ($8++) is all home made and goes perfectly well with a dollop of butter or for dipping in your soup.


With our stomachs warmed up, next we had the Truffle Cream Risotto with Crayfish ($28++). Highly recommended by the chef, the risotto is cooked al dente – not too runny nor mushy – and is perfumed with a strong scent of truffle. Not to mention the crayfish that is succulent and fresh!

Pasta fans will be glad to know that you can customise your own risotto or pasta dish. Starting from the base selection of either Tomato, Aglio Olio, Squid Ink or Truffle Cream, you can then add other ingredients ranging from vegetables to bacon to seafood.


For the star of the menu, the MU-nster Platter ($138++, 3-4pax) is huge! Consisting of a medley of meats including rib eye steak, grilled chicken, roast lamb, pork tenderloin and pork sausages. If this photo doesn’t reveal its size, check out the one below.


What’s really great about this platter is that the meats are all cooked on a Josper grill, which is why the meats are all very juicy and tender while achieving the perfect done-ness! Out of everything on the platter (which also comes with corn and grilled eggplant), my favourite is the roast lamb – the smokey flavour and tender, easy-to-bite meat was so delightful!


If you think that meats are the only star here, you’re wrong. The desserts here at House of MU are also stunningly presented on a platter! They even have an in-house pastry chef, so you can expect their desserts to be freshly baked and of high quality.


This Signature Dessert Platter ($46++, for 4-5 pax) looks like it has a lot going on, but focus your efforts on one thing at a time and you’ll conquer the rest in no time! It features an assortment of macarons, creme brulee, bittersweet chocolate ice cream, oreo cake with hazelnut cream, raspberry granita and frozen peanut butter popsicle. My favourite out of all is the oreo cake and peanut butter popsicle!


House of MU checks all the boxes on the list – delicious food, comfortable and cozy ambience (especially with the teak furniture and communal tables!), reasonable prices, and good service! This is the place to go for special occasions with friends and family and you’ll feel right at home, just without the need to do anything on yourself except to sit back, relax, and enjoy the food prepared for you.

House of MU

Address: 11 Mohammed Sultan Road Singapore 239010

Telephone: +65 6732 1011

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Thursdays, Sundays 12pm – 10.30pm; Fridays and Saturdays 12pm – 12am; Closed on Mondays


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