Soi Thai Soi Nice Opens New Outlet at JEM and Unveiled New Dishes


Soi Thai Soi Nice is a very much sought-after venue for a steaming good Thai Hot Pot and truly authentic Thai dishes. The restaurant is managed by Singapore-based food and beverage group SIMYEE Holdings which owns not only Soi Thai Soi Nice, but Atmosphere Bistro, Jin Ho Mia, Shin-Sapporo Ramen and Ramen Tenji.

The homegrown brand has recently opened its third Soi Thai Soi Nice outlet at Jurong East Mall (JEM). The new space spans over 1400 square feet and accommodates up to 70 patrons. Besides its hand carved wood decors, statement Thai aquaculture displays and welcoming interiors, Soi Thai Soi Nice boasts a new curated menu which offers a mix of new and popular traditional dishes.

Expect no frills and gastronomic gimmicks, Bangkokese Chef Worawong Phairat may stick to the roots of Thai cooking but is not afraid to reinvent typical Thai dishes with a little twist. I pick out some of the new and signature dishes you have to try when visiting the restaurant.

SOFT SHELL CRAB SALAD — $15.90 (S) / $22.90 (M)

Starting off with lighter options, this salad is made of assorted greens and onions, fried soft-shell crab and savoury-sweet Thai style dressing for a refreshing start.


CRISPY OYSTER FRIED — $13.90 (S) / $20.90 (M)

A Chinese fried oyster omelette dish adapted to Thai taste is more like a crispy pancake than an omelette. Also known as Hoy tod, this popular Thai street food dish is crispy, briny and packed full of juicy oyster and bean sprouts to take away a little of the grease.


BREADED PRAWN DONUT CAKES — $11.90 (S) / $16.90 (M)

The crispy Thai prawn cakes is a crowd-pleasing appetiser whenever you are at a Thai restaurant. The ones here are hand-made in the shape of a doughnut – even kids love it!



Fans of fish, this crispy fried seabass dish will definitely appeal to you. Not quite sure why this dish is named waterfall, but I’m guessing it could be related to the Nam Tok recipe. In Thai language, nam tok means waterfall.

The wonderful herby and refreshing dressing conserves the freshness of the fish and brings out its true flavour. The dish could be a little more spicier to give it a nice balance.



The restaurant’s version of comfort food in a hot pot experience, this Tom Yum Mama dish is good for one individual. It is as enjoyable as the signature Royal Thai Hot Pot, except that you don’t get the overflowing crustacean ingredients in the single portion.



Topped with generous amount of fried shallots, this humble plate of stir-fried cabbage with fish sauce is a very popular vegetable dish in Thailand. This Chinese-style stir-fry cabbage is flavoured with nothing but superior fragrant fish sauce.

It is simple yet nourishing, best served with some rice. Sometimes what seems to be ordinary can be extraordinary – give this a try!



Thai mango sticky rice makes the perfect dessert to end off a hearty meal. The sticky rice here features a pretty blue hue – all thanks to the butterfly pea.


SNOW FLAKE YAM — $8.90 (S) / $12.90 (M)

For something more uncommon, try the sugar encrusted fried yam sticks. It is delicate and light, but can still satisfy your sweet tooth – every bite is well worth it!


As part of the new outlet opening promotion and Singapore 53rd birthday, enjoy 50% off the all-time favourite Thai Style Steamed Seabass (U.P. $32.90) for a limited time only. 


Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-21, Singapore 608549

Reservations: +65 9295 6488

Opening HoursMon to Sun 11.30am to 3.30pm and 6pm to 10pm





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