The TEAvolution of HVALA — New Cafe & TeaHouse @ Chijmes

Photo 11-6-18, 11 04 53 AM

HVALA has evolved a great deal since they first got their start in 2015. The humble brand has grown and shifted in purpose — now offering a significant introduction to the cultured world of tea.

Whether its just relaxing with a calming cup of tea or taking part in a tea ceremony, HVALA has it all.

Taking the idea of finding a little bit of zen in the busy city, HVALA ‘hides’ itself in the peaceful oasis of CHIJMES. When you walk up to the teahouse, you start by gliding open the patio doors and then enter into a calm tea house garden to be welcomed by green potted trees and simple elegant interiors.

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When you are standing in the HVALA teahouse, it actually feels like you’re cut off from the buzz outside. It’s a perfect place to relax with some exquisite Matcha tea and light desserts.

All guests may choose their ‘preferred’ seats and place their order at the counter.

Photo 11-6-18, 11 11 26 AM

HVALA features over 30 seatings, and the best seat in the teahouse is at the brew bar as you will be visually treated to the behind-the-scenes actions of tea-making and an opportunity to talk tea with the experts.

Photo 11-6-18, 11 05 40 AMPhoto 11-6-18, 11 07 23 AM

On the menu, HVALA offers different styles of tea — hot and cold brew, whisked matcha, tea latte, ice blend and Japanese oolong.

Photo 11-6-18, 8 54 56 PM

You may easily find a small line of tea beverages alike to the menu at 313@Somerset HVALA kiosk. Most of the tea products here are new and exclusive only to the CHIJMES teahouse. If you are looking for Matcha soft serve, you will not find it here, but it is still available at 313@Somerset kiosk.

Recommended orders include Matcha and Houjicha Latte, house blend Oolong 1925 and 2350 Japanese Oolong.

HVALA also offers high quality tea leaves from famous shaded tea cultivars such as Samidori, Gokou, Okumidori and Yabukita.

Photo 11-6-18, 9 23 59 PM

For something more fascinating, give the rare dark post-fermented teas a try — it will definitely leave a strong first impression. Other notable tea options include Bug Bitten Samidori Black Tea and Whiskey Barrel Smoked Black Tea.

Photo 11-6-18, 8 56 46 PM

Match up your tea with a light and wonderful cake of your choice. You can’t go wrong with classic Japanese flavours of Matcha and Azuki or Goma Black Sesame cake. The Chocolate Truffle cake is perfect for the chocolate lovers, while the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut cake gives you layers of feather light sweet goodness.

Limited servings of Caramelised Shiratama Kinako are available upon request. This unassuming looking dessert is nothing but a homey treat — a must try!

Photo 11-6-18, 8 51 48 PM

I have been to HVALA numberless times since it’s opening and I NEVER leave disappointed. So happy that they opened a teahouse now I can spend time with my friends and enjoy tea!

Photo 11-6-18, 11 05 52 AM


Location: 30 Victoria Street, #01-04, Chijmes, Singapore 187996
Opening Hours: Daily, 9.30am to 9.30pm

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