Pizza Maru: Sumptuous Pizzas and Korean Fried Chicken at Bugis+!

Popular Korean pizza chain restaurant has landed in Singapore! Their first outlet at Northpoint opened to much fanfare last month, and now, they have expanded to Bugis+ as well!

The highlights at Pizza Maru are their Premium Pizza range, which is made with the patented Green Tea Wellbeing Dough, and the Chicago Pizza Range made with Black Rice Dough. Besides the green tea/black rice ingredients, there are also flaxseed, chlorella, barley and 12 other healthy grains added to the dough recipe. All in the name of healthy living and well being!


Starting with their signature pizza, the Real BBQ Chicago ($26.80++ for regular 9-inch pizza) is one for the cheese lovers. With ingredients such as double mozzarella cheese, string cheese, cream cheese mousse, this pizza is rich and creamy, not forgetting the crust that’s also stuffed generously with cheese! Because of this, it can get rather filling if you eat more than 2 slices. Of course, this pizza is not all cheese. There are chicken chunks, roasted onions, mushrooms, potato, almond flakes and BBQ sauce too. The base used here is the black rice dough.


For those who not only love cheese, but #cheesepull shots, order the Real Chicago ($26.80++ for regular 9-inch)! It’s guaranteed to produce the visual spectacle of sticky, stretchy cheese that seems to stretch on and on forever! The chef demonstrated for us and it was quite amazing indeed! Ingredients wise it composes double mozzarella cheese, string cheese, pepperoni, tomato, parmesan cheese and tomato sauce.



This Mango Ocean ($19.80++ for regular 9-inch, $23.80++ for large 12-inch pizza) is made with the green tea dough. I thought this was an interesting combination – the fresh seafood accompanied with the sweet mango cubes, and drizzled with the slightly spicy buldak sauce.

Since Pizza Maru aims to bring the best Korean food culture to the world, their menu also offers Korean fried chicken, Korean pasta and other interesting side dishes. Their fried chicken comes in a variety too – sweet chilli, garlic, honey butter coat, original fry and a few more.

On the left is the Original Fry ($15.80++ for 6, $29.80++ for 12), while the right is the Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong ($16.80++ for 6, $29.80++ for 12). The fried chicken were pretty commendable – tender meat and flavourful, with the skin still crisp after some time. The spicy version will be good for those who like an additional kick!


Do check out Pizza Maru for its delicious pizzas, fried chicken and other Korean inspired dishes! They’re in the process of attaining halal-certification, so everyone can soon have a share of their sumptuous food!

Pizza Maru

Address: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #04-03/04, Singapore 188067
Northpoint City, 1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-192/193 (South Wing), Singapore 769098

Opening Hours: Both outlets opened daily, 11.30am – 10pm

Telephone: Bugis+ 6634 0930; Northpoint City 6264 4307


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