Caffe B: New Location, New Menu

Caffe B, a well-established restaurant from Marina Bay Sands, has recently shifted to a new location at 64 Club Street. Joining the crowd of other bars and pubs in the area, Caffe B now occupies a three-storey shophouse that offers an exclusive and cosy dining experience.

With a new home comes a new menu. Caffe B builds upon its strength of exquisite Japanese and Italian food.

For appetisers, the Espelette Octopus Salad ($16++), a serving of octopus tentacles marinated in spicy French peppers, and Churros with Truffle Mayo ($9++) were some of the ‘hot’ dishes that we picked. The Grilled Asparagus Green ($12++) was unique – torched with Saffron mayo, poached egg, smoked ham and shaved parmesan. Also, check out the interesting presentation of the churros!



There were many cold appetisers on the menu, such as the Hiroshima Oyster ($15++) and Farmer’s Egg ($12++). The latter, especially, was divine – a combination of creamy clam Espuma, Shio Konbu seaweed, sea urchin, lemon jam and chive, and a garnish of edible flowers. Dig in deep to eat the ingredients together with the egg beneath!


You can also order some bar bites like Truffle Fries ($9++), Chicken Wing Cajun ($9++) and Cured Fresh Salmon on Crackers ($12++ for 2) from a separate snacks menu. I really loved the salmon dish, as it was fresh and served with salted lemon, caramelised onion mousse on buckwheat crackers.


Moving on to the pizzas and pastas, the I am Crazy in Singapore ($26++) caught our eye, which is a powerhouse mix of bacon, egg, chorizo and prawns topped with Caffe B’s secret spice sauce. I couldn’t understand why this name though?


All the pastas we tried were very delicious! The Risotto Lobster Singapore ($28++) is set to impress with not only the presentation, but the comforting taste of perfectly cooked risotto simmered in lobster broth, chilli lobster meat and parmesan cheese.



The “Golden” Angel Hair Cold Pasta ($32++) is not to be missed! Especially for those who love sea urchin, this cappellini pasta tossed with white truffle oil and topped with delectable and creamy sea urchin is bound to please your tastebuds!


The Tagliatelle Carbonara ($14++) is the most affordable dish here! But yet it doesn’t scrimp on quality and taste! I could taste the difference in the handmade pasta, and it is cooked using the authentic Italian recipe of no cream, just egg yolks.


Those who need a serious dose of protein can opt for the Wagyu al Porto ($38++), accompanied with melted potato and sauteed baby spinach, mushrooms and miso powder and yuzu pepper sauce. Alternatively, the Black Cod and Greens ($24++) is a good choice too, served with Crown Daisy and dill oil on cauliflower puree.


We’ll always have space for desserts, right? Out of the four desserts on the menu, the Peach Melba ($10++) and Pineapple Compote and Pistachio ($10++) were the most memorable. The former is made up of Lime Espuma, peach compote, raspberry puree, peach gelato and almond zest, and is highly refreshing! The former had a pretty plating – fresh pineapple compote infused with herbs, served with pistachio gelato, pistachio sponge, berries and hazelnut.


The Tiramisu ($10++) and Glass Montebianco with Chestnuts ($10++), essentially like a very light-tasting brownie, are safe options.


If you’re looking for a restaurant to impress your date, or to celebrate a special occasion, Caffe B is the right place for you – premium quality Jap-Italian cuisine in a pristine yet relaxed setting in the heart of Club Street.


Caffe B

Address: 64 Club Street Singapore 069438

Opening Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 2pm – 12am

Telephone: +65 68873311



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