2-in-1 Jjigae and BBQ meats at SEORAE

Korean food has been really popular in Singapore for the past few years and it still seems to be going strong. Seorae Restaurant is one of them, offering Korean hotpots and grilled meat. It has opened a second outlet at Jem, with some variations and different offerings from its first branch at Plaza Singapura.


Something new to this Jem outlet is the 2-in-1 Jjigae. Now, you can enjoy two choices of Korean broth in one pot to cook all your favourite ingredients and meat! The choices available are Kimchi, spicy doenjang (bean paste), non-spicy doenjang, gochujang (red chilli), and non-spicy bulgogi sauce. It is served with zucchini, onion, beancurd, glass noodles, spring onion, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, and 150g of pork collar/beef belly.

There’s also a self-service Banchan station where you can help yourself to free-flow beansprouts, vegetables, kimchi and more!


Seorae offers a wide variety of meats, and the friendly service crew will do the grilling for you! A signature dish is the Galmaegisal ($21.90++, 170g), which is pork skirt meat marinated with their authentic Korean spices.



The Woosamgyeob ($22.90++, 150g) is a US beef shortplate thinly sliced and marinated with their special juicy sauce, then grilled to perfection.


The LA Galbi ($29.90++) is a succulent Prime Beef short-ribs cut across the bones. It is marinated overnight and grilled well done with a sweet and juicy texture.


Another tasty meat is this Hangjeongsal ($19.90++, 150g). Juicy US pork jowl grilled to perfection!


We should be no stranger to Samgyeobsal ($17.90++, 150g) – the original variant of Seorae’s pork belly.


Dip it or wrap your meat in the cheese dip, and have fun playing with the stretchy cheese! Of course, don’t forget to savour the lovely combination of the melted cheese and the meat!


If you’re getting jelat from the meat, fret not. You may also cook steamed egg around the grilled meat, scrape it off, and enjoy! One side will be the steamed egg while the other will be the melted cheese dip.


Some classic Korean dishes include this Haemul Pajeon ($17.90++), which is the traditional Korean pancake with fresh spring/green onions and succulent seafood.


End off your hearty meal with their signature Pineapple Soju ($22.90++)! Refreshing and not too strong in its alcoholic content too. There’s also a mocktail version ($15.90++) for those who prefer to avoid alcohol.

Seorae (Jem)

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-10, Singapore 608549

Telephone: +65 9199 8729

Opening Hours: Sundays to Thursdays 11.30am – 10.00pm, Fridays to Saturdays 11.30am – 11.00pm

Website: https://www.seorae.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seoraesg/

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