Audace Bar and Restaurant: Audacious 21-dish brunch indeed!

Audace Bar and Restaurant has been around for more than half a year, located at the Wanderlust Hotel in Little India. Despite the humble location, it’s actually quite highly acclaimed! Chef Jérémy Gillon has worked in Michellin-starred restaurants in France before coming to the multicultural and diverse Singapore to strike it out on his own. His idea of Audace, short for ‘audacity’, serves French bistro cuisine with a contemporary element, providing patrons with a different dining experience from breakfast to dinner.


Instead of fine dining, Chef Jérémy opts for ‘fun-dining’. Even the menu is designed to be a conversation starter, to bring out the guests’ sense of adventure and eagerness to discover new tastes and sensation through the food. What’s unique is that Chef Jérémy utilises a lot of alpine herbs in his food, turning them into syrups, vinegars, candying, frying them or simply using them as garnishes for the extra flavour.


Yet another unique selling point of Audace is its Sunday Brunch ($68++), which is a communal brunch consisting of 6 appetisers, 5 main courses, 5 side dishes and 5 desserts all for the entire group to share. Sounds very indulgent? It definitely is!

For the appetisers, there are the Arugula Salad, Leek Salad with Chorizo, Duck Terrine, and Sauteed Squid, Eggplant, Curry.

Also, the Pumpkin Soup and Focaccia with Cooked Ham and Mascarpone Black Pepper deserve a shout out!

The mains feature a variety of seafood and meat, such as Salmon Asperule Odorante and Sea Bass with Lemon Paste and Black Olives. The fish were very fresh and paired well with the accompanying ingredients.

There’s also Braised Pork Belly, Pan Seared Flank Beef with Dry Anchovy, and French Duck Leg Confit. The beef was popular round the table, while my personal pick is the duck leg confit with tender meat!

The side dishes of Baked Carrot, Creamy Polenta, Broccoli Mash, Risotto and Parsnips are meant to be eaten with the mains. Hot favourites include the creamy polenta, risotto and parsnips!


By now, you should be feeling full, but please don’t pass on the desserts! The Dark Chocolate Mousse with Salted Caramel is rich and decadent, while the Orange and Ginseng Sorbet provides that refreshing cleanse for your palate. The Lemon Cream Tartelette and Candied Brace, Macaron Speculoos and Cookie are just a pop in the mouth but balanced in flavour and sweetness.

That is indeed a very long and indulgent brunch! While there are many courses, rest assured that the food is portioned according to the size of your group. Hence, you’re advised to go with at least one other person to get the best out of this meal! Do note that the $68++ price tag is per pax, and it’s definitely worth the money! The menu offerings are also on rotation so it might deviate a bit here and there.


Audace Bar and Restaurant

Address: Wanderlust Hotel, 2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494

Opening Hours: Sunday Brunch 11.30am – 4pm; Daily breakfast 7.30am – 10am; Tuesdays to Saturdays lunch 11.30am – 2pm, afternoon tea 2pm – 6pm, dinner 6.30pm – 12mn

Telephone: +65 6298 1188



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