Idyllic brunch setting at Summerhouse Dining


The Summerhouse Dining Room has launched a new weekend brunch menu! Set amidst open space and lush greenery at Seletar Aerospace Park, you’re sure to have an idyllic afternoon respite here indulging on sumptuous brunch favourites.

The restaurant occupies the second floor of the colonial bungalow, and it’s separated into indoor and outdoor seating. It’s very suitable for weddings, parties or corporate events! They even have a wine cellar!

Start off with the Burrata rocket salad ($20++), a very refreshing dish with blended rocket pesto, fresh rockets, burrata and marinated tomatoes. Yellow ($14++) is another delicious one – crispy yellow sweet potato with fermented carrots, pickled pumpkin, earl grey and passionfruit vinegrette.


On to the mains, the Eggs Benedict Modernist ($22++) is an innovative take on the usual version. Two fried breaded sous-vide eggs, egg white bacon custard, black forrest ham, chive hollandaise and toasted broiche.


The Pulled Pork Scrambled Eggs Burger ($19++) was very delicious! In addition to the ingredients mentioned, there’s mimolette cheese, cherry tomato rocket, basil, avocado, fried sweet potato, plus the very unique bacon and cream cheese bun!



I really enjoyed this Miso Shiitake Linguine ($22++), with the addition of three grilled fresh prawns ($8++). The combination of handmade linguine, braised shiitake, miso cream, grilled sweet corn, spring onion, sous-vide poached egg, lemon-zest and fried sakura ebi went very well together. The fresh prawns were a bonus!


Now on to the desserts. This Balinese Chocolate Ice Cream ($12++) was a heavenly treat! The reason why it’s called Balinese is because the chocolate ice cream is made using Balinese cocoa. The base is a chocolate hazelnut cookie, piled on with vanilla custard and dusted with hazelnut praline powder.


This French Toast ($14++) was one of the best I’ve ever had! It was really soft, eggy and fluffy, plus the raspberry tuile, mixed berries and raspberry yuzu sorbet provided a sourish tang to the sweet french toast and caramelised banana, thus balancing out the dish well.

The Summerhouse Dining Room is definitely a go-to place for a relaxing ambience and fresh, quality food.

The Summerhouse Dining Room

Address: 3 Park Lane, Singapore 798387

Opening Hours: Weekday lunch Monday to Friday 12pm – 2.30pm; dinner Wednesday and Thursday 6pm to 10pm; weekend brunch on Saturdays, Sundays and PH 12pm – 3pm; dinner Friday, Saturday, Sunday and PH 6pm to 10pm

Telephone: +65 6262 1063



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