Ninja Catering – Hosting a ‘Ninja’ Party

Ninja Catering is among former 987FM deejay Darren Wee’s latest and most unique business ventures under his company The Astronaut Group. From Japanese-inspired one-bowl meals to more substantial plates with a surprising twist, Ninja Bowl and Ninja Cut has continually wow diners with creative approaches to its cuisine and menu.

The group’s creativity extends further to all aspects of special events and corporate catering — Darren recently launched Ninja Catering to deliver gourmet catering to a larger need.

As a avid fan and a regular diner at the Ninja’s restaurants, I know the culinary standards of the brand, hence I turned to Ninja Catering for help, so that I can say goodbye to hassle free planning for my year-end housewarming party.

While a seated meal might seem the most appropriate format for my intimate party of ten, Darren recommended building a menu of dishes and a buffet table, so that our guests can serve themselves to the food they want — this arrangement is so much easier than me passing platters up and down the table.


From hors d’oeuvre and appetizers such as Meatballs and Mash, Tortilla and Dips to sandwiches like Yaki-Unagi Tamago Slider and Pulled Pork Slider, as well as Baked Shell Scallops, Ebi Fry and Tropical Fruit Sponge for dessert, our guests loved the selection of dishes.

Each dish features the Ninja touch with high-quality food and nifty presentation. The unique table set up makes a great photo opportunity for our guests — and for Instagram!

Though 2017 has just ended, it’s never too early to start thinking about this year’s special events and corporate functions. If we could stretch our budget a little further, we definitely want to take those comforts to the next level — perhaps having a chef onsite at our party will spice things up even better!

In an effort to meet our requirements, Ninja Catering has gone an extra length to provide a customised menu set by its culinary and catering team. There is a minimum number of headcount, but Ninja Catering offers an option to tailor-make a menu that’s significant and within the budget.

No matter what size and which style you opt for, the Ninja does it all and ready to serve you and your guests, wherever you are!



Tel: +65 8723 8887

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