Man Man Unagi: 2nd Outlet at Duo Galleria

The ever-popular Man Man Unagi has opened a second store at Duo Galleria. Yes, you still have to queue, perhaps even more so for this outlet because the seating capacity is slightly smaller than the first store. The menu, while still retaining a focus on unagi, this time round offers side dishes too. Yay for more variety!


The Kimoyaki ($10.80+) is essentially grilled unagi liver! I was a little grossed out but decided to give it a try. It’s surprisingly not that bad, quite chewy and tasty.


The Homemade Cod Fish Roe ($11+) is a supercharged version of Mentaiko! I found it way too salty for my liking.


The Unagi Bone Crackers ($6.60+) are very crunchy and definitely an addictive snack!

In terms of the Unagi, this outlet has an exclusive Shira Kaba Large Hitsumabushi ($39.40+), which is a set consisting of unagi on rice, soup, pickles, broth and spices. However, what’s unique about this is that the unagi comes in both the Kabayaki (grilled over charcoal fire) and Shirayaki style (broiled and seasoned with salt), so you can have the best of both worlds!



They also provide fresh wasabi for you to grind it over your food!


As a hugeee unagi lover, I couldn’t help but order this large Tokutoku Kabayaki ($54.80+)! The unagi certainly lives up to expectations of being chargrilled to perfection. The meat was thick enough, so fresh and so crispy on the outside. It was seasoned perfectly with the unagi sauce too!


If you haven’t tried Man Man Unagi, I strongly encourage you to! Either go during off-peak hours (they’re closed mid-day from 2.30 to 6pm though) or be prepared to queue!



Man Man Unagi Restaurant (Duo Galleria)

Address: Duo Galleria, 7 Fraser Street, #01-48, Singapore 189356

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11.30am – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10pm (last order at 2.15pm and 9.45pm respectively)

Telephone: +65 6702 1500


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