Beauty Review for Men: SL Clinic – Clear + Brilliant & Derma Filler

Medical aesthetics has changed lives over the last few years and recently it changed mine too. We have all seen and heard horror stories about botched celebrity cases — unfortunately, they are real and that is why you need to be careful when choosing an aesthetic clinic so you can rule out complications after your treatment.

I was introduced to Dr. Sue Ho from SL CLINIC which provided a flawless fix to my skin and also helped me combat the baggy, tired skin around my eyes. I tried the new Clear + Brilliant laser and under eye filler treatments — my experience has been nothing but impressed.


Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is gentle laser regimen designed to help maintain youthful looking skin. It uses fractional laser technology to enhance the skin appearance with minimal downtime. Here’s how it works and being done.

The treatment was performed using a laser device with a roller attachment that ‘pokes’ tiny columns of heat into the skin, while leaving some areas intact. This causes fractional ‘wounds’ on the skin and forces the skin’s collagen production to heal itself.

If you are worried that the laser procedure will cause a lot of pain. Fret not, as numbing cream will be applied to your face before the procedure – you may experience a mild stinging sensation which is totally normal. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, I would range it as 1-2 during the treatment and 0 as soon as it was over.


Dr. Sue had examined my face prior to the laser procedure, therefore she didn’t missed a spot – fixing all my problem areas starting from the hairline, the nose and cheek area, and finishing with the jawline. It was a thorough canvassing with the Clear + Brilliant laser, which took not more than 30 minutes of my time.

After the treatment was done, my face was a bit red and I felt a bit warm – all expected, Dr Sue assured me it will go off by the next day, which it did.

I’ve seen significant improvement in my face with just one treatment. And as the name suggest, my skin was noticeably clearer and brighter. I didn’t experience any unexpected breakouts, which means my skin is likely to have benefitted from Clear + Brilliant. The results will be infinitely better if I go for the full run.

Treatment rate start from $350 (U.P. $374.50 wGST) per session.

Undereye Filler

Another procedure I had was to lighten dark circles and reduce excess puffiness around my eyes. I told Dr. Sue that I hope to get rid of that crepiness that make my eyes look tired and Undereye fillers was the obvious solution to solve the problem.

So what is a filler? It is made largely of Hyaluronic acid, a substance found in the human body, and is injected underneath the skin to smooth lines and boost volume. Many people have done dermal fillers and they’re increasingly popular in Singapore too.

I got mine at SL CLINIC which made me one of their fan club. Filler treatments can be quite addictive, a little similar to Botox, but they’re not the same and work in different manners.

The fillers are safe and doesn’t hurt, except that you must not be afraid of needles or injections. The ones used in my case dissolves naturally in my body between six and twelve months. I will need to go back to get more fillers injected to maintain results – if only there is such a thing as forever!


Clearly, I wasn’t afraid and I even took a selfie while Dr. Sue was skilfully injecting the filler into my skin.

Photo 22-6-17, 5 02 12 PM

The entire process only took minutes and I can leave for my work or usual routine.

Photo 1-6-17, 4 15 52 PM

Besides Dermal Fillers and Clear + Brilliant Laser treatments, SL CLINIC and its sister SKINLAB The Medical Spa also offers a whole suite of aesthetic services and beauty solutions including hair, face and body.

One of their highly recommended facial treatments, the Signature Medical Peel is exceptionally effective and therapeutic – I was given a welcome massage and double cleanse before the treatment started.


For more information about more beauty and medical aesthetic services, contact a SL CLINIC nearest to you.



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