A brand new fried chicken eatery STICKY WINGS has popped up at Westgate Shopping Mall and has gotten some diners heart flutter as it took over the restaurant space of 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken.

Aiming to spread its wings to become Singapore’s best Asian-inspired chicken chain food venue, STICKY WINGS is backed by Singapore-based F&B giant ABR Holdings which operates brands like Swensen’s, Earle Swensen’s, Tip Top and Hello Kitty Orchid Garden.

What makes this new player different from other fried chicken restaurants is that STICKY WINGS serves its food with a unique Straits-Asian twist.

The mainstay is its signature fried chicken wings which comes in a Spicy sauce or Sticky Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soya) sauce, both inspired by the bold flavors of Asia. For fried chicken purists who love savouring fried chicken in their original form, you can opt for the Naked wings.

For the best deal, go for the combo meal which include a regular soft drink and choice of a side such as plain fries, portuguese donuts, butter rice and yuzu coleslaw.


Choose from Black Belt — 1 Drumstick and 3 Two-Joint Wings (Combo $10.70, A La Carte $8.20); Knockout — 6 Two-Joint Wings (Combo $11, A La Carte $8.50); Drumchunks — 3 Drumsticks (Combo $11.50, A La Carte $9.00) or Level Up — 4 Drumsticks and 8 Two-Joint Wings (Combo $38.00, A La Carte $28).

Other Entrees include options like Cluckin Good — Lemongrass Chicken Burger ($7.50); Chick Magnet — Salted Egg Katsu Chicken Burger ($7.90); We Meat Again — Rendang Bolognese Fries ($6.50); Tat’s Egg Citing — Salted Egg Cheese Salsa Fries ($5.90); and Hen Solo — Lemongrass Chicken Salad (6.90).

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The restaurant offers local breakfast delights for takeaways such as Bee Hoon and Nasi Lemak from 7.30am to 9.30am on weekdays.


Location: 3 Gateway Drive Westgate #02-05 Singapore 608532

Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm


Written by Alainlicious

The mastermind of Alainlicious.com | Love taking a walk on the hungry side, in search of new adventures and a great meal. | Follow me on Instagram: @alainlicious for more updates.


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