Captain K Seafood Tower opens for Supper till 4am and there’s Steamboat too


Calling all seafood diners, K-food fans and supper-goers! Captain K Seafood Tower is now open till 4:00am.

Whether it is a special occasion to celebrate, or simply to dine out with friends and family with a feast, shelling out your wallet at Captain K Seafood Tower is one good way to do it.

Diving into a towering treats of seafood is best done with one or more friends to help out. The stunning layered Korean Seafood Tower comes in an option of 3-tier, 5-tier, 7-tier and 9-tier, consists of freshly steamed seafood such as oysters, clams, mussels, prawns, scallops, Boston lobsters and Chilean King crab.

You can also add a la carte specials like Cheese Baked Oysters ($8.80/piece), Hokkaido Scallops ($12/piece), River King Prawns ($7/100gms), Bamboo Clams ($12/piece) and Sri Lanka Mud Crabs ($8.80/100gms) cooked in a variety of ways.

Salt Baked Mud Crab
Cold Crab

For the ultimate seafood indulgence, get the stunning 9-tier Seafood Tower ($328.90) which include fresh crustaceans like:

  1. Steamed Half Shell Scallops,
  2. Steamed Fresh Prawns,
  3. Steamed Fresh Oysters,
  4. Steamed Mussels
  5. Steamed Crawfish
  6. Steamed Fresh Clams
  7. Steamed Stuffed Squid
  8. The Seabed
  9. Steamed Fresh Crabs


Customers can also get the 3-tier, 5-tier and 7-tier, aimed at serving smaller eaters up to three or four people for $59.90, $118.90 and $198.90 respectively. The variety of seafood may vary depending on the catch of the day.

The Seafood Tower comes stacked with different layers of perfectly cooked seafood and finished off with a steamboat broth which have accumulated all the natural essence of the steamed crustaceans.

Diners have an option to pick their preferred soup base – Korean kimchi ($12), Tomato ($12), Mala ($12), Tomyam Mushroom ($12), Ginseng Chicken ($18). My favourite soup base would be the tangy-sweet Tomato broth, followed by Mala broth.

Tomato Soup Base
Tomyam Mushroom Soup Base

Captain K‘s seafood offerings are very fresh and tasty – they are sourced directly from Senoko Fishery Port on a daily basis which is the key in serving up simply good and fresh seafood.

The good deal extends further at this wonderful seafood spot as Captain K extends its business hours to welcome supper goers. In addition to the late hours, the restaurant have also introduced something new to their menu.

From November 1 onwards, diners can look forward to a comforting steam boat experience that will get you hooked. Featuring over 100 ingredients and 6 soup bases (Kombu, Kimchi, Ginseng Chicken, Szechuan Mala, Tomato, Tom Yum Mushroom), Captain K got everything covered and you’ll have a whole lot of tasty items to choose from.

Highlights include the signature Red Garoupa, US Wagyu Beef, US Kurobuta Pork Belly Shabu and Captain K‘s homemade paste and meatballs. The soups are available in a single pot or twin yuan yang pots – I highly recommend the twin pots so that you can enjoy the best of two worlds.

P1430842P1430841 2P1430857

Feeling peckish and craving for some Seafood feast? Go jio your eating kakis soon!


Captain K Seafood Tower (Middle Road)

Location: 112 Middle Road, #01-00 Midland House Singapore 188970

Tel: +65 6255 5744

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 4am




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