Wholesome Savour: Nutritional AND Tasty!

With the national push to ‘fight diabetes’ these days, more people have started opting for healthier food choices. Whether you’re health-conscious, or simply still want to eat your Char Kway Teow or Double Cheeseburger, you might want to pay attention to this post. Because it might just change your perception of ‘healthy’ food.

Located in the centre of the basement of Palais Renaissance is a relatively new fully-vegan cafe called Wholesome Savour. It’s opened by the same folks of next-door restaurant Frunatic. Both Frunatic and Wholesome Savour place strong emphasis on food nutrition and wellness, but the latter is a more casual setting and aims to make such healthy food more available and accessible to the masses.


I tried some items on their menu, including the above Hangover “Bread” ($15++). It’s named as such because it’s supposed to make you feel more energised and to tune back your body system. Chef’s daily handmade banana and prune ‘bread’, served warm with cinnamon coconut almond butter, berry-chia jelly and in-house fermented cashew and macadamia yogurt. It tasted quite like fruit cake to me, and went very well with the dips which were so good!

For something more familiar, try The Savour BLT ($15++). Yes, it’s a vegan cafe, and no, of course there isn’t real bacon in it! But, this dish will certainly change your mind about vegan food. Consisting of spring butter lettuce, heritage tomato, avocado, streaky coconut ‘bacon’ and lemon cream, served between sprouted sunflower seed and onion ‘bread’, and comes with dehydrated kale chips and beetroot chips.

This sandwich was so flavourful I was seriously in disbelief! It hit all the right notes – crisp bread, fresh lettuce, savoury coconut ‘bacon’, and the avocado and lemon cream to give the creaminess.

Smoothie bowls ($10++) are all the rage now, but do you know that a lot of them are high in sugar? Here at Wholesame Savour, the fresh fruits are blended in a machine that still gives you the nutrients from the fruits, and absolutely no sugar or even honey is added! Every smoothie bowl here has a different intended effect, e.g. fat burner, meal enhancer, deep sleep inducer etc.

Furthermore, the smoothies are all made fresh to order, and due to the activation of enzymes found in the nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, you’re advised to consume it within 15 minutes of preparation as the nutrients are time-sensitive and start to break down as soon as air hits.

As this is a vegan cafe, their desserts are all no-baked, Raw Nutrient Dense Cakes ($12++ for 3). They substitute sugar, dairy, flour, butter and eggs with a combination of other nutrient-rich ingredients such as fresh fruits, cocoa solids and nuts. In fact, it’s much healthier because refined sugars are not used, but natural alternatives like fruits, dates and stevia. Hence, if you have a sweet tooth, this is probably the only time you get to have your cake and eat it – guilt-free!

Here, we have the Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Avocuddle Lime and Mango Macamania (left to right). You may think that the size is very tiny, but trust me, because these are raw and dense cakes, you will feel full after just two bites! But they are all indeed very delicious and will satisfy any cake lovers!


Their cold-pressed juices are very refreshing. The process of cold pressing their produce allows them to extract every ounce of nutrient-dense plant juice for our body’s maximum absorption. Hence, this keeps more vitamins and minerals in the juice because any amount of heat will start to oxidise the nutrients. We tried the Green Field, Carotene Harvest and Hulk Hydrator ($9++ each) (from left to right).

After a trip to Wholesome Savour, I am certainly convinced that the food and drinks here are indeed healthy and more importantly, highly nutritional. Another laudable thing is that prices are kept affordable, considering the relatively higher food preparation cost and its location in Orchard Road. Kudos for debunking the widely-held perception that vegan/healthy food is bland and tasteless, because after visiting Wholesome Savour, that defintely isn’t the case.

Wholesome Savour

Address: #B1-06, 390 Orchard Rd, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am – 7pm

Telephone: +65 6736 0288



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