JIN HO MIA 蒸好米 – Grain Bowls by Day, Hotpot by Night


Calling all hotpot lovers! Meet JIN HO MIA — a sister restaurant of SOI THAI SOI NICE and a new hotpot institution located at Alexandra Retail Centre. As with JIN HO MIA, its all about ordering your favourite broth and adding all manner of fresh ingredients to cook in front of you.

The restaurant offers five types of broth — signature and flavourful fish broth, hot and spicy Tom Yum, hearty and tangy Tomato broth, smoothing and clear chicken soup for the spice averse and a mild flavour cheese broth for the more adventurous.

JIN HO MIA lets you customise your own pot of meat, veggies or noodles. Choose from 5 types of soup bases at $8.80 or build a Yuan Yang twin pot with two flavours at $13.80. A la carte portion of ingredients start from $3.00 each. Alternatively, choose between three hot pot options ($28.80 to $48.80) on the menu and boils all of life’s problems away.

There is also an option to order cooked food and sides include Jia Xiang Fried Rice ($9.80), Homemade Hgoh Hiang ($9.80), Prawn Omelette ($9.80) and Fried Mantou with Condensed Milk ($6.80).

Tok Kong Pot
Fish Paste with Fish Roe

JIN HO MIA knows exactly what we like when it comes to a good bowl of hot pot.

True to its name, the TOK KONG POT ($48.80—独贡锅) comes with a combination of fresh seafood such as Alaska crab legs, flower clams, tiger prawns, snow crab sticks and other ingredients like roasted pork, fried beancurd roll with paste, pressed tofu, enoki mushrooms, onsen egg, raw egg and instant noodles.

AH BOY POT ($33.80—小鮮肉锅) is a great option if you prefer more fresh meat. For something lighter, GIAM PUI POT ($28.80—减肥锅) with an abundance of vegetables will be ideal for picky eaters.


For lunch on weekdays only, JIN HO MIA offers a range of rice bowls and poke for the busy executives working around the Alexandra area. Diners can build their own rice bowl or pick from a selection of bowls including Pao Fan, Salmon Poke and Protein. Set meal comes with a drink and side salad.

  • Pao Fan ($14.80) – Roasted pork, Corn, French bean, Oyster mushrooms, Onsen egg and rice submerged in Tom Yum Broth
  • Bee Tang ($13.80) – Sweet and sour chicken, Cucumber, Baby potatoes, Onsen egg, Enoki mushrooms
  • Salmon Poke ($14.80) – Salmon, Onsen egg, Corn, Avocado, Cherry tomato with choice of Brown rice or Japanese rice
  • Protein Bowl ($14.80) – Grilled chicken breast, Edamame, Tamago, Cherry tomato with choice of Quinoa, Japanese rice or Brown rice
  • Greens and Soba ($11.80) – Cherry tomatoes, Onsen egg, Tamago, Cucumber, Soba noodles



Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, #02-20 Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963

Tel: +65 6352 7725

Business Hours: Mon to Fri 11:30am to 3:30pm / 5:30pm to 10pm, Sat to Sun 11:30am to 10pm



Bookable via QUANDOO

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