Get Lucky at Full of Luck Club!

Full of Luck Club is a casual, modern-Cantonese restaurant opened by the well-acclaimed Li Bai restaurant. It celebrated its first anniversary in May, and in August, it updated its menu with more interesting renditions of Cantonese dishes.

The restaurant is spread over two storeys, where the second floor has a more spacious feel and greater seating capacity. Upstairs, also, is their ‘secret’ bar called Lucky Bar. What an apt phrase to put up there – it means “drink your sorrows away”!

The fun vibes accrue to the theme of ‘lucky’ is reflected in the decorative props and ornaments placed in the restaurant – the piggy bank and the huge Fortune Cat figure! They even give out fortune cookies to diners if you request for them!

As mentioned earlier, the food is mainly of Cantonese cuisine but with a modern twist to spice up the classic dishes. Same for the drinks. Take this Fok Lok’s Milk Tea ($12++) for example. It’s actually Oolong-infused vodka, Baileys, black tea, milk and tapioca pearls (which I requested to omit). It’s even topped with a fortune cookie too! A non-alcoholic drink is the Yuzu Genmaicha ($5.50++). Refreshing qualities of genmaicha and yuzu together with house-made hibiscus foam. Pretty in pink, definitely.

For light bites, we had the Flowers of Life (Cumin Salt and Pepper/Curry Floss) ($7.50++), where the salt and pepper version was served to us. These are fried Cordycep flowers tossed in their original house seasonings, and was perfect for a light snack.


The Fried Soft Shell Crab (Butter Cereal/Curry Floss) ($9.50++) got me going head over heels for! The crab was so crunchy and crispy and it came with a generous serving of the butter cereal, which I always love eating on its own!



Moving on to the meats and seafood, we have the Genghis Khan Premium Pork Rib ($18++) which is one big slab of premium USA pork rib with homemade Mongolian sauce. The meat was tender enough and the sauce was sweet and mildly spicy. Do note that it’s a single serving for this dish.



I was excited to try the Crabmeat Eggplant Claypot ($15.50++) because I’ve heard rave reviews about it. It was a comforting dish with the shredded crabmeat and soft eggplant producing a slight hint of sweetness. Best eaten when it’s warm!


We all need our greens, and so the Crunchy Medley of Vegetables with Lilybulb ($12++) does the trick. It’s ideal especially for those who don’t particular fancy vegetables, because here there are a variety of ingredients such as the crunchy stalks of kailan, mushrooms, gingko nuts, sliced almonds and onions.


Most people would be familiar with Yang Chow Fried Rice, but here, the Golden Scallops Fried Rice ($15++) is up another ante. The rice is coated evenly with salted egg, topped with fresh scallops and crispy century egg. This is one of the ways that Full of Luck Club is fusing modern/local elements into the classic dishes.


Another interesting feature on the menu is the baos that are not your traditional ones. Their new Huat Huat Fried Chicken Bao ($3.50++) is a fusion of Korean flavours too, with the addition of kimchi and gochujang mayo in between two fluffy black sesame buns.


For desserts, the Osmanthus Raindrop Cake ($6++) is a highly recommended item. The wobbly cake with osmanthus flowers is paired with brown sugar syrup and soy powder, which makes for a light and refreshing dessert.


The Ultimate Affogato ($6.50++) is my preferred choice. Drizzle the espresso shot into the layers of dark chocolate chips, malt biscuits, black sesame beehive cookies and honeycomb ice cream. Simply decadent!

We ended off the meal with the Prosperity Shooters ($16++ for 2), consisting of mint-infused vodka, fermented pineapple, basil, and Yakult foam. The presentation was certainly eye-catching as they served it in the Yakult bottle itself!

Full of Luck Club is a place worth visiting be it with friends or family! Their dishes are tasty and may you not just be full from the food but full of luck too!


Full of Luck Club

Address: 243 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278977

Telephone: +65 6208 6845

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am – 11pm



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