In celebration of Singapore’s 52 stellar years of progress and independence, children and educators from 29 Star Learners pre-school branches island-wide have gathered together to commemorate this momentous occasion by presenting an array of locally-inspired dishes prepared and created by the little ones.

What better way to celebrate the nation’s 52nd birthday than with a unique selection of mod-sin delights to represent Singapore.

Star Learners Group Celebrates Singapore’s 52nd Birthday

Titled “Flavours of The Little Red Dot“, the children from Star Learners Group put on their creative hats to create dishes that features unique Singaporean flavours. They were also given the opportunity to introduce their invented dishes and participated in a line up of activities.

The Star Project showcased an interesting marriage of local and western flavours that complemented each other – just like how Singaporeans celebrate harmony in diversity. Innovative dishes include Roti Jalasagna (a cross between Roti Jala and Lasagna), Nashi (a combination of Nasi Lemak and Sushi) and “City in a Garden” – a prata wrap dish served with satay and rose dumplings, and garnished with caramel lacing.





Written by Alainlicious

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