Min Jiang at One-North: A Celebratory Taste of Heritage Delights


From 1st of July to 31st of August 2017, diners will get to indulge in Master Chef Goh Chee Kong’s delectable heritage delights at Min Jiang at One-North. The modern Sichuan and Cantonese restaurant presents valued culinary traditions and iconic dishes inspired from the 60’s to 80’s dining scene in Singapore.

During this period, Min Jiang at One-North will be showcasing nine of Chef Goh’s heritage delights, include notable dishes like—The Heritage Treasures Platter; Double-Boiled Whole Winter Melon with Eight Treasures; Golden Fortune ‘Kampong’ Chicken; Roasted Boneless Chicken stuffed with Minced Prawns and Stir-fried Crabmeat and Egg White served in Yam Ring.

Celebrate an age-old tradition with masterfully crafted dishes that are perfect for sharing with families or for corporate meals.

Start off with bites steeped in heritage but given a contemporary makeover with refined presentations, the Heritage Treasures Platter features a gigantic plate of four hot appetising dishesCrisp-fried Teochew-style shrimp roll, Braised ‘Wuxi’ spare ribs, Deep-fried crabmeat with chicken liver and salted egg yolk, and Bountiful Harvest.

The Heritage Treasures Platter 怀念珍品

$108 for six persons, $180 for 10 persons


The Teochew-style shrimp roll is a refreshing mix of minced shrimp and crunchy water chestnut wrapped in beancurd skin deep fried to perfection and best paired with Chef’s house-made Golden Orange Oil concocted from kumquat juice and sugar.

A speciality of the old canal town in Jiangsu, China, the braised Wuxi spare ribs is clothed in a gorgeous, aromatic and sweet gravy made with soy, sugar and red rice.

The next dish demands patience and exacting skills to make—the delicious morsel of love is handcrafted by chef individually to take on the shape of an egg, and comprises a mix of freshly-peeled crabmeat, rose wine and oyster sauce-marinated chicken liver, and salted egg yolk. Best enjoyed dipped in sweet sauce.


Round out the starters with a straight-from-the-garden veggie side, the stir-fried mixed vegetable creation is inspired from a traditional Chinese dish 伴水芹香 (ban shui qin xiang), and features a healthy combination of ingredients such as water chestnuts, lotus roots, fresh lily bulbs, snow peas, asparagus and carrots tossed with deep-fried macadamia nuts for an irresistible fragrance.

Double-Boiled Whole Winter Melon with Eight Treasures 八宝冬瓜盅

$80 per order, good for 4 to 6 persons, one-day advanced order required


Served in a whole winter melon, the double boiled winter melon soup with eight treasures makes the perfect meal for any occasion. The ‘eight treasures’ of duck, chicken, prawns, freshly-peeled crabmeat, Chinese mushrooms, Conpoy, Chinese ham and wolfberries are lightly blanched and then added to the soup, before steaming it for just over an hour for the absolute flavour fulfilment.


Golden Fortune ‘Kampong’ Chicken 富贵甘榜鸡

$80 (whole), two-day advanced order required


The Golden Fortune ‘Kampong’ Chicken is a cross between the Paper-wrapped and Salt-baked chicken dishes. The majestic looking bird is crafted by Master Chef Goh and requires two days of work.

A whole kampong chicken is marinated overnight with seasonings such as Chinese wine, spring onions, onions, then flash-roasted in high heat the next day to a gorgeous honeyed hue. It is then combined with black fungus, preserved cabbage as well as shredded pork, and wrapped in a lotus leaf, to be surrounded by moulded dough.

The ‘chicken’ is then baked at low heat until golden before it is served. A mallet is provided for a ‘smashing’ good time.


Roasted Boneless Chicken stuffed with Minced Prawns 金龙百花鸡

$30 (half), $60 (whole)


Another Chicken dish perfectly executed is the Roasted Boneless Chicken stuffed with Minced Prawns, which also requires almost two days to prepare.

This seemingly unassuming dish is a result of several detailed steps that begin with thinly filleting the chicken, then air-drying it for eight hours before a home-made minced prawn paste is added.

The resultant wafer-thin delicacy is then deep-fried before it is served with a home-made chilli-kalamansi-plum sauce-ginger flower dip.

Other highlights include Stir-fried Shredded Chicken with Stem Lettuce served in Yam Ring 鸟巢鸡丝炒呙笋—$24 per order; Steamed Chicken with Ham and Kai Lan served with Ginger Paste 玉兰鸡伴姜茸—$30 (half), $60 (whole) and Stir-fried Crabmeat and Egg White served in Yam Ring 鸟巢芙蓉炒蟹肉—$24 per order.


Toffee Banana 拔丝香蕉

$8 per order (eight pieces)


Ending the meal with a classic Toffee Banana dessert. Slices of banana are lightly battered and then deep-fried, before coated in sweet toffee and sesame seeds making them deliciously crisp.


The signature Heritage dishes will be offered from 1st of July to 31st of August 2017 at Min Jiang at One-North.

Senior citizens aged 60 years old and above will enjoy a 15% discount off the heritage dishes for this promotion period.

Reservations is strongly recommended. You may contact Min Jiang at One-North at +65 6774 0122 or email: mj1n@goodwoodparkhotel.com.


Address: No. 5 Rochester Park, Singapore 139216

Reservations: +65 6774 0122

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm



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