Coriander Leaf Grill – Contemporary grill with Asian influences

The newest bloc under the F&B group, Coriander Leaf Grill, opened its doors last month on May 2017.

I was excited for my first dining experience at Coriander Leaf’s restaurant, having heard a plenty about their cooking school and Asian-inspired cuisine. It might seem daunting from the tables outside the restaurant but it gets surprisingly casual inside.

The Asian-inspired single-page food menu may make it look easier to decide what to order but everything sounds too delicious! I had to ask for recommendations and the restaurant manager gladly shared some of their specialties and after eliminating, I went ahead with the following…

Starting with the Burrata and Spiced Lentil ($18) could not have been a better idea. The dash of pesto added flavour to the burrata but I have to give it to the lentils. Never imagined combining burrata with lentils could be that compatible, It was too easy to clean this up.

Was not intending to get anything else but the sucker for broccoli in me impulsively ordered the side of charred broccoli cooked with Asian spices such as lemon, chilli and garlic ($10).

It was addictive – every mouth fills your mouth with a mix of smokiness, sourness and spiciness. The smokiness might be a little overwhelming for some but it felt right.

It is with little doubt that their charcoal grill dishes such as this Baby Lamb Chops ($38) was the highlight. That evening, I realised how much more I am falling for lamp chops. The harissa marinate gave the lamb an extra punch without masking the gaminess (precisely what we love our lambs for).

If you’re wondering, Harissa is a blend of garlic, red chilli, cumin seeds, red onion and not to forget, CORIANDER seeds (yes you got the pun). The yogurt and pickled onions condiments went great with the grilled, smoky meat.

It doesn’t take a foodie to savour these juicy lamb chops plus you will be happy to know, there is hardly any visible fats in there.

Expectations were high but I noted that it doesn’t hurt ending it with an even higher note. So I ordered the Pear Tart with Chilli-lime Ice Cream ($16) as it sounds too enticing. This dessert was strongly recommended by the restaurant, amongst the rest like warm chocolate cake with burnt marshmallow.

The pie pastry turns out to be buttery and not too flaky, except that it was a bit burnt at the base. But the chilli-lime ice cream was disappointing and tasted as if vanilla ice cream was wrongly scooped. It melted too quickly on the warmed caramelised pear and was already swimming in the pear tart when served. The ice cream definitely need some work, but the tart saved the day.

Overall, Coriander Leaf Grill is a place to go, if you are in for some asian contemporary grilled cuisine. An extensive wine list is available for you to go with the food or feel free to hang out at their other concept bars after your meal.

In addition to the already happening night scene in Ann Siang, the sexy underground bar, Catchfly, would just be that perfect post-dinner destination. Interesting bar snacks are served here as well. Check out also the rooftop bar, The Screening Room, for a magnificent view while enjoying a movie or two.

Coriander Leaf Grill

Address: 12 Ann Siang Rd Singapore 069692 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069692

Opening hours:

Lunch: Mon to Fri 11am to 2:30pm (closed on PH)
Dinner: Mon to Sat 6:30pm to 10:30pm (last order 10:30pm)
Closed on Sundays


Tel:+65 6222 7276

Click here for Chope

Click here for Quandoo



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