Garden Dining | UNA at One Rochester 

Delish Spanish Food Alert! 

Since it inauguration in 2014, UNA at One Rochester has gained reputation through its iconic location and old colonial bungalow setting. Nothing is more apt than UNA as the restaurant’s name for it means ‘One’ in Spanish.

Take a little stroll into the main dining area where you will be greeted by fairy lights and the surrounding greeneries. There is with little doubt that the restaurant has been accredited as one of the prime locations for weddings and private parties. The venue is also perfect for any casual occasions and suitable for couples, families and friends alike.

Freshly-made breads are served in woven baskets, really unique. Dip into olive oil and vinegar or eat it on its own. The sliced bread which I believe is sourdough is chewy and filling whilst the bread sticks are great snacks as we waited for our food to be served.

There were quite a few choices on their drinks menu that got me excited. I went with the UNA Gin Fizz followed by my personal favourite – Red Sangria. All the cocktails are at $18 as fresh juices and fruits are used to concoct them.

The starters of Patatas Bravas ($10) and Gambas Al Ajillo ($12) had me fell in love with them right away. The deep-fried potatoes were delightfully crispy without feeling a tinge of oil. Served with brava sauce, which is made from roma tomatoes, garlic, onions and chilli, giving it its aromatic fragrance. Fresh tiger prawns sautéed in olive oil, white wine, garlic and parsley may sound cliche but the resulting broth is so delicious, it literally got me cleaned it up with the bread. What a great way to start the meal!

Next up is this beautifully grilled octopus tentacle, aka Pulpo A La Parilla Con Papas Arrugadas Y Mojo ($32), phew! Whoever is the mastermind behind this must be a talent, this cooking method is perhaps the way to bring out the best in this seafood. The last time I had such sinful and smoky tentacles was in a grilled specialty restaurant in Sydney. Little did I realise Singapore has such a gem too! It’s natural saltiness is alleviated from the charcoal grill whilst the tenderness would be attributed from the slow-cooking in water with onions for over 60 mins!

What is Spanish food without some Foie Gras? The Coca De Higos Y Foie Con Vermouth ($26) is a low-calorie tapas which is absolutely enjoyable. Slightly caramelised with toasted sesame seeds and served with figs all the way from France, then placed on a Spanish flatbread. Wished there were more foie gras though, you just can’t get enough of it.

Imagine a whole fish, slightly salting and mildly lemony, coupled with fennel salad, that’s Pescado A La Parilla ($42).

Catch of the day happened to be fresh snapper which is slow-cooked over the grill to give it its tanned look. The flesh is firm, juicy and flavourful thanks to the generous amounts of garlic, thyme and lemon that was stuffed into the fish before the cooking starts.

Now to the carbs, I had high hopes since the previous dishes got me all hyped up and ready for more. UNA has been known for their seafood paella and Spanish noodle but the Fideua De Calamares ($20) is still really new to us. I fancy anything black so this definitely caught my eyes. The fideos pasta was cooked to perfection with squid ink and sofrito sauce, then served in a cast iron skillet. Deep-fried baby squid failed the crispness test but with the aioli and the pasta, this is brilliant.

After plenty of seafood comes the Paella De Chorizo Y Habitas ($46 for small; $66 for large). Not sure if it was because I got too full, but this dish fail to impress me. The paella felt a bit like risotto whilst the chorizos were a tad dry and everything but scrumptious.

Last but not least, the Churros Con Chocolate Y Cafe ($14) served with a mini jar of dark chocolate sauce and coffee-infused cream (oh it’s coffee?) is my ideal dessert. The churros are dusted with cinnamon sugar before serving piping hot. Each choux pastry is crispy and light and very addictive. I could have them all to myself 🙂

Overall, UNA at One Rochester is consistent in its service and food, giving diners a pleasant dining experience. There are also indoor dining area with a private room upstairs for special occasions. The choice has been made for the next private function I’m having.

UNA At One Rochester

Address: 1 Rochester Park, Singapore 139212

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 6pm to 11pm

Reservations: 6773 0070



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