Plentyfull Updated Dinner Menu: Plenty More Wholesome Food

Step into Plentyfull and be greeted with a grocer that sells wholesome food products such as fresh fruits, vegetables and organic snacks just to name a few. A philosophy that one can associate to the restaurant is in their creation of food from scratch, down to the hummus.

At lunch time, Plentyfull is a place to go for a salad fix or to stock up on proteins with choices like spiced pulled pork and beef meatballs with tomato fondue. The menu varies from day to day though, Chef Victor Loy trusts that by having some good surprises keep the customers coming back. Therefore, I am not surprised that some of the ala-carte menu items are kept generic so that it gives the chefs some space for creativity.

Ordered the Pinky Heart ($9++) as the name sounds really enduring. It was a revitalising blend of basil leave, lavender, lemon juice and of course, grapefruit that constitutes to its name. The dried grapefruit crisps are actually quite tasty!

We had the Seasonal Vegetable Tart ($16++) to start off. This beautifully-plated tart was made of cucumber flower, heirloom tomatoes, romanesco broccoli on a tomato jelly and parmesan sable. Lastly, placing it on black garlic at the very base.

The natural sweetness from the vegetables went hand-in-hand with the crunchy parmesan base. So for this dish, the ingredients on the tart change depending on the availability of the vegetables.

We ordered three mains since there were three of us. The Beetroot Ristotto ($24++) came first and I still remembered how the aroma quickly floated to my nose, making me want to get a shot and tuck in.

It is amazing how a risotto that is made purely out of a medley of beetroots can be such a delicacy. The mastery of balancing the right amount of sweetness and savoury from the pecorino cheese had me cleaned up the plate.

Next up was the Grilled Spiced Lamb Ribs ($30++). Slow-cooked with smoked yogurt then served on a bed of edamame and horseradish. The spices used to marinate the lamb ribs made them less gamey, whilst the pairing with yogurt and herbs oil on the side make it instantly fancy. The skin was a little tough but if you like fatty lamb ribs, this is the place to satisfy your cravings.

Recently, I realised grass fed beef is healthier and less fattening than grain fed so expect Plentyfull to take this into considering when choosing the beef type. The Grilled Natural Grass Fed Striploin ($36++) is sliced and served with miso tahini, leek and veal jus. Plentyfull sets fire on the miso tahini to exude to flavour, making it a great accompaniment to the beef. I can’t testify for the taste of the steak but I was told the lamb ribs has a higher rating.

If desserts were your thing, one is perhaps not enough. So aside from their highly-rated coconut turned Pandan Creme Brûlée ($14++), I ordered another one which caught my eyes. I would gladly have all the desserts in their shop if my other stomach was more capable. The Miso Soufflé ($16++) is served with toasted walnut ice cream on a bed of toasted walnuts is delicious.

I was a little disappointed with the Pandan Creme Brûlée as I was hesitant if I could taste any pandan in it. Thankfully, the coconut crisps was the saving grace.

I would still recommend Plentyfull if you don’t mind spending a little more for a hearty and wholesome meal.


Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Reservations: Call 6493 2997 or email



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