SPR nice Brunch Menu launched at SPRMRKT Kitchen + Bar

Being part of the CBD crowd, I’ve somehow never had the chance to have SPRMRKT, but I certainly see a crowd there almost every day.  So I must admit, I got quite excited knowing about SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar / SPRMRKT Daily at STPI in Robertson Quay!


I’ll start off with SPRMRKT Daily, a relaxing, outdoorsy spot by the river perfect for people watching on the weekends.  Even on a rainy day, all is good since the indoor gallery-like space is also worthy of a visit!

In fact, just like the original SPRMRKT, in order to reinforce its mantra of ‘Inspiring the Everyday’, the owners have created a space called Here\Now, which features different art pieces every four to six weeks.  There is even a section for retail, selling artisanal products such as chocolate bars and skincare products created by small, local businesses, all of which focus on a sense of local community.

DSC05287Now onto the food and drinks – a wide range of drinks were offered, ranging from freshly made smoothies to organic sodas (served in super cute retro bottles!)  For those of you who know me, it’s no surprise that I’d go straight for the Coconut-Avocado Smoothie ($11), a refreshing blend of fresh avocados, coconut water, fresh spinach and honey-yoghurt.


Having been all quenched, first up is the super popular Truffle Fries with Parmesan & Kelp ($15), and they sure are popular for a reason!  Unlike many places, where the truffle flavour only comes from the seasoning, the fries here literally radiate the unique truffle taste (and smell!) from the inside, having been tossed in truffle oil, and the flavour is further brought out by the konbu bits on top. I seriously had to remind myself to slow down to fit in the other dishes we had ordered!


Another popular item on the original SPRMRKT’s menu – the Blackened Fish & Chips ($20) – can also be found here.  Featuring the local catch of the day, which can be sole, seabass, barramundi or snapper (whichever is freshest), the dish focuses on the fresh taste of seafood by frying the fish in a black squid ink batter. Served with house-made slaw and tartare sauce, this classic dish is a great choice for a sunny outdoor lunch!


Finally, the last item we tried was the Carbonara ($20), which surprisingly wasn’t heavy at all.  Tossed with toasted bacon bits and a soft poached egg, the spaghetti (or linguine if you may prefer) was delicious, especially after mixing the yolk into the cream sauce.  Really though, #yolkporn really makes everything better!


Now that we’ve soaked up enough sunlight, we decided to move upstairs to try out some of the new brunch items at SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar, a European bistro-style restaurant serving up Western classics.  We walked up a flight of stairs (or you can take the elevator!) into one of the prettiest restaurant spaces I’ve seen lately.

Beyond the chic bar counter is a beautiful interior marked by pastel pink cushions and minimalistic décor, windows overlooking the Singapore River.  Honestly, can’t ask for a better setting for a catch-up brunch with my friends!



First up was more yolk porn with this Croque Madame ($20), which had Farmer’s White topped with San Daniele parma ham, gruyere, béchamel and a deep fried egg (still with a runny yolk!).

I haven’t had many croquet-madames in my life, precisely because I’m always worried it would be too oily / heavy, but this one at SPRMRKT didn’t have this problem at all.


Another one of the brunch items we tried was the Smoked Chicken Ravioli($22), which I enjoyed more than I expected to!  Normally ravioli tends to be very rich / heavy, and you’ll essentially feel bloated after two pieces.

But because 1) this isn’t cream based, and instead features a smoked tomato sauce as its base, and 2) the filling didn’t have cheese, but instead had smoked chicken farce and diced chorizo, I could definitely finish the whole plate without feeling super weighed down.


I personally am not a huge fan of pork belly, so my impression on the Weekend Roast ($34) may not be as strong as it was on other dishes.  Essentially, this dish consists of a beautiful platter of food including 180g of roasted pork belly (or Wagyu rump – your choice!), some vine-ripened tomatoes, roasted potatoes, button mushrooms, and Yorkshire pudding.

Don’t think I’ve been to a lot of places in Singapore that serves Yorkshire pudding, so if you’re a fan, this is meant for you!


By this time, we were pretty full, but we just couldn’t resist the temptation of trying out the Chicken Pot Pie ($18) once it was served because of that amazing, buttery smell that the puff pastry was radiating.  Needless to say, having soaked the pastry into the creamy sauce and eating it alongside the chicken, carrots, celery and potatoes, it was the perfect end to the meal.


Needless to say, we all have another stomach for dessert, so to really end the meal, we had the Bread & Butter Pudding ($10), which was served with vanilla ice cream.  The molten chocolate bits embedded within the dessert was an extra bonus point for a chocoholic like me!


All in all, my experience at SPRMRKT Daily and SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar just makes me question why I still haven’t been to the original SPRMRKT, since I’m clearly missing out!  Although the two have such different vibes, they were both special in their own way, not to mention the food was quite impressive.

I can already see myself going back to SPRMRKT one weekend to just relax by the river, sipping on another avocado smoothie!

SPRMRKT Daily / SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar 

Address: Singapore Tyler Print Institute, 41 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238236

Telephone:+65 9736 4032

Opening Hours:
SPRMRKT Daily – Sun to Thu: 8am to 11pm; Fri to Sat: 8am to 12am

SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar – Closed Monday; Tue to Thu: 11:30am to 3pm / 6pm to 10pm; Fri: 11:30am to 3pm / 6pm to 12am; Sat: 10:30am to 4:30pm / 6pm to 12am; Sun: 10:30am to 4:30pm

Website: http://www.sprmrkt.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SPRMRKTSG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sprmrkt/

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