Nin-credile dishes at Ninja Bowl & Ninja Cut – The Ninjas did it again!

NINJA BOWL has turned ONE!

They did a little bit of a spring clean and introduced new additions on the menu with a Japanese flair spotlighting dishes like Aligot-O Gozaimasu; Shinjuku Comfort; Steak & Udon; Mentaiko Scrambled; and Ninja Okonomiyaki, will prove to be an exciting discovery.

I shall not say so much about the dishes – simply because everything’s just perfect and I made sure my camera caught every delicious moment.

Here are the recent snippets…..let the pictures speak for themselves!



A Japanese rendition to the classic French Pommes Aligot – comes with a generous portion of pork katsu, poached eggs, ume apple slaw for that tangy twist and a generous dollop of cheesey mashed potatoes, which is so irresistible, you probably be saying “Arigato, can I have more?”.



Trade your traditional comfort food for the Ninja’s bowl of orzo pasta simmered in a rich miso broth topped with a perfectly cooked salmon confit, chopped carrots, corn kernels and a delicate poached egg. Mix in the butter for a velvety finish.

The smell of rain and a warm bowl of Shinjuku Comfort will just comfort me!



Pan-seared juicy Hokkaido scallops served with scrambled eggs and toast, topped with edamame, furikake and not forgetting the bold flavours of mentaiko.

Never knew that scallops, eggs and toast could come together this way – delightfully!



If you love the classic Japanese Okonomiyaki, you’ll probably enjoy the savoury version of light crisp pancakes at Ninja Bowl too, but pimped up with slow-cooked beef cheeks that are so tender you can eat them with a spoon.

Sliced red ginger, soft poached eggs and garden greens are additional bonuses on the side.



Another Japanese-inspired comfort dish that is absolutely heart-warming!

Featuring tender sliced grassfed New Zealand flank steak served with slurp-worthy Inaniwa Udon in homemade dashi broth and shoyu-poached eggs that bursts with umami goodness.

FIND NINJA BOWL – 15 Duxton Road, Singapore 089481

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9:30am to 9:30pm / Sat to Sun 9am to 6pm




While the older sibling has done well and remain strong, some catching up by the younger one needs to be done.

NINJA CUT is giving an innovative makeover to a line up of childhood eats which can make you feel nostalgic about the old days. Think chicken macaroni and kaya toast are some of the food items that have evolved for recreation.



The chicken macaroni soup is a tangible memory of our relationship with our mothers or that familiar hawker stall in the neighbourhood.

NINJA CUT presents a brilliant combination of the old classic with new innovation by enhancing your appetite with a flavourful 145g of ground beef patty stuffed with melted cheese, al dente macaroni and a runny egg served in tangy homemade tomato broth.



The popular Japanese hot appetiser of steamed egg custard gets a hefty upgrade – comes loaded with cheese rice, onions, tobiko, spring onions and a choice topping of either shabu pork belly or plump Hokkaido scallops (+$2).

Typically similar to the traditional Chinese steamed egg dish eaten at home, this rendition is no longer a communal serving, but a treat for one person to enjoy only at NINJA CUT.



Forget Marche! Try the new Crab Rosti here which is full of flavour – gets top marks for its irresistibly crisp edges and is deliciously filling.

Chef-de-Cuisine Nina Winoto takes it a level ahead by stuffing cheese in the potato rosti and finish it off with the richness of crab pate, poached egg and tobiko. Definitely a must have on my return visit!



My guess is if you’re here reading this right now, you will think that the last dish would also be a favourite!

There is, however, one miss on a menu of mostly hits – the ‘Kaya Toast’ featuring thick slices of brioche with homemade kaya and mochi cheese, crumble, sea salt mascarpone ice cream and gula melaka drizzle.

Though the combination seems wildly exciting, the kaya toast didn’t come close to achieving a memorable one for me.

FIND NINJA CUT – 32 Seah Street Singapore 188388

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9:30am to 9:30pm / Sat to Sun 9am to 6pm


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