Sanrio’s Fluffy Cinnamonroll floats to Kumoya Cafe Singapore

Singapore just can’t get enough of theme cafes! Here’s another cute character cafe.

Sanrio has recently opened Cinnamonroll cafe which its a special collaboration between the Japanese brand and Singapore’s first halal certified Japanese-French cafe Kumoya.

Don’t let the name fool you though. It’s not a bakery that sells cinnamon rolls, but an adorable Sanrio character – a little chubby male puppy with white fur, blue eyes, pink cheeks, a plump and curly tail that resembles a cinnamon roll and long ears that enable him to fly.


Say Hello to Cinnamonroll, also known as Shinamorōru,シナモロール in Japanese.

Cinnamonroll has turned 15 this year! Happy 15th Anniversary to you, Shinamorōru!

Sanrio is celebrating his special milestone at Kumoya Cafe Singapore, allowing fans to get a taste of the cute Cinnamonroll emblazoned Main courses, Desserts and Beverages, curated and styled by Singapore’s top bento artist, blogger and cookbook author, LittleMissBento with the kitchen team at Kumoya.


The special limited-time menu will be available from 17th of May to 13th of August 2017. All Cinnamonroll desserts and food are made fresh daily in Kumoya kitchen.

Here’s some highlights of what to expect from Cinnamoroll cafe.


Cinnamonroll Savoury Dishes


Happy Happy Heart Chicken Karaage with Waffles ($19.90) – Kumoya’s favourite buttery waffles paired with juicy karaage chicken with house-made sweet Shoyu glaze, mixed salad with cherry tomato, fluffy potato hearts and a Cinnamonroll mantou.


Flying Cloud Cinnamonroll Burger ($17.90) – Bite into a juicy Crispy Chicken Katsu sandwiched between crunchy vegetables and fresh tomato on a cute Cinnamonroll mantou burger bun. Served with potato chips, nacho cheese, chicken ham, fish cakes and mixed salad.


Fluffy Dreams Japanese Curry Rice ($21.90) – Get carried away with Cinnamonroll fluffy Japanese rice. Accompanied by Kumoya’s signature Japanese curry, fresh tempura salmon, and mixed salad with cherry tomatoes.

Other Cinnamonroll dishes include Fun with Friends Cold Pasta ($17.90) and Cloud Garden Sukiyaki Beef Wrap ($16.90).

Cinnamonroll Desserts


Cinnamonroll Berries Fantasy Parfait ($17.90) – Slurp on double swirl parfait, soft souffle cheesecake, mixed berries and limited edition macarons. Served with specially-concocted Blue Lagoon sauce and fluffy cotton candy.


Kumoya Signature Eclairs ($13.90 for set of 4 / $7.90 for set of 2) – Four Limited edition Cinnamonroll eclairs designs with chocolate and vanilla filling. So fluffy and light, it will keep you floating in the air.

Other Cinnamonroll desserts include Fly in the Clouds Yuzu Chiffon Cheesecake ($15.90) and Espresso’s Coffee Express Playground ($16.90).

Cinnamonroll Beverages


Cutie Cutie Special Cinnamonroll Blue Soda ($14.90) – Be transported to the blue skies of Curacao. Blue curaco syrup with nata de coco, slices of lemon and soda water topped with a cute cotton candy Cinnamonroll.


Sweet Fluffy Dreams Rose Tea ($13.90) – Sweet dreams are made of these! Special cold butterfly pea-flower rose tea served with giant cotton candy.


Kiss Me Sweet Caffe Latte ($8.90) – UCC Hot Latte dressed up like Cinnamonroll / Sweet Heart Iced Chocolate ($8.90) – Kumoya Iced Chocolate served with special Cinnamonroll cookie, heart-shaped marshmallows, topped with whipped cream.

Other Cinnamonroll beverages include On Cloud Nine Mango Tea ($13.90), Floaty Cloud Iced Caffe Latte ($9.90) and Hot and Rich Chocolate ($7.90).

This isn’t the first time that Sanrio has treated fans to a theme-dining experience, but it is definitely Cinnamonroll‘s first visit to Singapore – though he is quite shy, Cinnamonroll is actually very friendly and sometimes takes a nap on customers’ laps.

If you’re a fan of Cinnamonroll or Sanrio in general and you’re keen to visit a cute themed cafe, this is definitely one to consider!

Note: Cinnamonroll Cafe is not a permanent fixture. The limited edition campaign begins on the 7th of May 2017 and ends on the 13th ofAugust 2017.

Cinnamonroll x Kumoya Cafe Singapore

Location: Kumoya @ 8 Jalan Klapa Singapore 199320

Opening Hours: Tue to Sun 12.00pm to 9.30pm / Fri and Sat 12.00pm to 10.30pm




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