Meat The Butcher’s Kitchen at Suntec City

Think Butcher and the first thing that comes to mind would be meat, meat and lots of meat. You are not wrong, as The Butcher’s Kitchen is surely not your typical steakhouse. Opened since November last year, The Butcher’s Kitchen is no stranger to the scene of high quality meats and groceries.

The Butcher, nestled in the heart of Holland Village, is also a baby of the owner, Lee Kok Lam, who has a proud story to share behind both shops.

Walk along second floor between Suntec City Tower 1 & 2, and you will be invited by the 32-flavour gelato bar.

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Walk further into the open-concept restaurant and shopping begins! Offering great selection of supplies from renowned producers, The Butcher’s Kitchen aims to advocate its customers the art of understanding where the food comes from and what goes into their food. Find everything from pork, chicken, lamb to nuts and sauces.

‘Meat’ the meats on your plate via the menu as you will find detailed write-ups of the origins and cooking method described for your knowledge.

What’s better than knowing your food and eating it too?


Just beef itself, there are three different choices. The all-time favourite – Wagyu, the-healthier-choice Grass Fed and the melt-in-your-mouth Grain Fed. Supposedly, grass-fed beef is healthier because of its higher Omega 3 nutrients and lower fat content. Grain-fed is not without its benefits, the buttery and stronger flavour have to be given to the cow’s diet.


Coming up next are my favourites of the dishes that i had, it was tough choice. Ranging from the juicy, flavourful Grass-Fed Ribeye ($32) to their Signature Lamb Rack ($35) which has such minimal mutton taste that even lamb lovers could have guessed it was a medium-rare iberico pork.


One of the best-selling item, you will be surprise, given that it is not a Fisherman’s Kitchen, goes to their King Salmon ($29). Pan-Fried and served with special homemade herbs butter with a beautiful hue of orange and bed of roasted vegetables, the King Salmon did not disappoint me a bit. I love my salmon not overly cooked yet, the skin lightly crisp, and yes, this was it.


The Butcher’s Kitchen has something for everyone. Love chicken? Dislike Pork? Nothing should stop you from dining here as there is surely something that will suit your tastebuds. Besides the Chicken Breast ($16) and the Pork Ribeye ($29), there is also Pork Loin ($19), Pork Cutlet ($24), Chicken Thigh ($16) and so on.



If you do not feel like going carnivorous, there is also the choice of pastas, pizzas, burgers available on the menu. The Vegetarian Pizza ($18) seems like it was wood-fired given its crispy and thin crust, but Mr Lam, owner of The Butcher’s Kitchen, claims that due to some restrictions, they were not allowed to have open fire. It did not matter. What truly matter to the chefs are the collective conscious efforts in making the best out of the ingredients that they have.

Also something that is worth complimenting is the bread used for their sandwich/burgers. These are highly dependent on the chef’s mood and creativity, so expect different kinds of bread on your patty if you visit often enough. Interesting uh? You can even choose between pork, beef and lamb for the patty. Now i am not afraid to have my burger and eat it too!

A meal is not the end without desserts to wash it all down. We tried the waffle with ice cream from their gelato parlour. It was nothing to shout about but it was still a sweet ending after all.

The Mao Shan Wang ice cream which i tasted after the waffle was actually quite close to Udders except that the durian flesh was missing in action. Otherwise, there is a good chance i would wipe out the whole carton.


The Butcher’s Kitchen is currently having some promotional deals which you do not want to miss:

1.Breakfast Set from only $5.80++ includes an organic egg, freshly baked bun, cup of coffee/tea, fruit of the day (top up $3 for additional choice of either ham, sausage, or bacon) – for the workaholics
2. Weekdays All Day 1 for 1 Steak Special $36++ Sirloin (Exclusive Premium Shorthorn Beef) (top up $20 for Tenderloin)* – for the date night
3. Weekends Free glass of house pour wine for each set ordered of Sirloin Steak $36++, Ribeye Steak $38++* – for the one on fatherly duties
4. Wine Buffet $30++ per person 5:30pm-7:30pm, 7:30pm-9:30pm (includes 5 varieties of white wines and 3 sparkling wines) – for the alcoholic 

The Butcher’s Kitchen

Location: Suntec City Tower 1 & 2, North Wing, #02- 472, Singapore 038983

Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm

Tel: +65 68846884



*Words & Photography by Brenda (@brenbreneats)

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