The Ultimate Blowfish Experience at Guenpin Fugu

Get blown away with an ultimate Blowfish experience at Guenpin Fugu (玄品), the largest Fugu restaurant chain in Japan which has been in business for over 30 years feeding more than 810,000 hungry diners each year.

The Fugu speciality restaurant has 96 locations across Japan and Singapore is the first-stop of their global expansion. Guenpin Fugu (玄品) specialises in authentic fugu dishes and prides itself in serving top quality fugu cuisine.

The key to an ultimate fugu experience is their patented ageing technique and unique freezer storage which falls below 60 degrees negative temperature to keep the fish and meat fresh.

Guenpin Fugu (玄品) serves Torafugu (Tiger Blowfish), the finest tasting of all blowfish varieties, specially air-flown from Shimonoseki in Japan, best known for harvesting high quality Torafugu.


At long-established Fugu restaurants in Japan, the price for a full-course Torafugu meal can easily cost between JPY (¥) 30,000 and 100,000 (approx. SGD 370 to 1,200), but at Guenpin Fugu (玄品), diners can enjoy the upmarket Japanese cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Choose from the selection of Torafugu dishes prepared in different cooking methods such as Sashimi, Deep Fry, BBQ Grill and Hot Pot. A la carte menu items aside, Guenpin Fugu (玄品) serves four set menus ranging from $88 (five-courses) to $168 (nine-courses), including a speciality Snow Crab only set menu.

Here’s a rundown of the dishes from the Zeitaku Course ($168 – can share two person).

Guenpin Fugu – Parboiled Torafugu Sashimi Skin


Start off with the gelatinous Torafugu skin served with chopped green onions, grated daikon and ponzu sauce – it’s quite crunchy and tasted like long threads of glass noodles.

Guenpin Fugu – Thin Sliced Torafugu Sashimi


Next up is Torafugu sashimi. Thinly sliced and fanned around the plate like petals of a flower. Torafugu sashimi is rather mild in taste, and usually served with ponzu sauce for a pleasing taste. Recommend pairing sake with the raw almost translucent fish for a clean and sophisticated finish.

If you’re adventurous, try the Fin Sake ($25) and Tsugi Sake ($15) which is a cup of heated sake with grilled fish fins – this will warm you up well on a cold night out.

Guenpin Fugu – Thick Sliced Torafugu Sashimi


Alternatively, guest can also choose to try the thick sliced Torafugu sashimi. This style of cut is presented on a leafy cabbage again served with chopped green onions, grated daikon and ponzu sauce. Best to enjoy eating it like sushi with your hands.

Guenpin Fugu – Snow Crab Sashimi


Next up is Snow Crab Sashimi featuring fresh, sweet and firm snow crab legs. The meat within were so fresh and succulent, every bite was full of satisfaction.

Guenpin Fugu – Snow Crab Tempura


The sweet and delicate Snow Crab is also presented in Tempura-style for a different experience. The light-battered, delicately crisp Snow Crab tempura is served with a homemade tentsuyu sauce. Excellent job on the tempura batter – so light, lacy and crispy!

Guenpin Fugu – Torafugu and Snow Crab Grill

Photo 4-5-17, 1 23 31 PM

Over the course meal, there’s also grilled Torafugu and Snow Crab for guests to enjoy. You can taste the difference after the meat were grilled, the dishes boast a stronger flavour. The tricky part is that the Torafugu cheeks and fins were a little difficult to eat – you need to pick out the meat with chopsticks or a metal crab-scraper.

Guenpin Fugu – Torafugu Hotpot


The course meal finishes with a Torafugu hot pot and then an umami-rich egg-drop porridge cooked with the same fugu-dashi hot pot broth.

Lightly boiled meat would probably be my least favourite way of appreciating Torafugu. The flesh was however very tender and features an almost bouncy texture.

There’s nothing simpler and more comforting than the wonderful, warm egg-drop porridge, which totally sealed the deal!

Guenpin Fugu – Egg Porridge

If you think that dining at Guenpin Fugu (玄品) may become your last meal. Don’t worry – you’ll be in good hands as the torafugu is prepared by artisan chefs who retain special license to handle fugu.

All the internal organs of the fishes that contain poison have already been removed and cleaned thoroughly before they are imported to Singapore, so you can rest easy and dig in the rare and highly nutritious delicacy.

Don’t be afraid to eat fugu. My tip would be to order off the a la carte menu for a first visit to see if you like what is on offer. If you like the fugu, then make a return visit for the value-for-money Zeitaku course meal.

Lunch at Guenpin Fugu (玄品) is quite a steal actually. Priced at $38 per set, you get to enjoy torafugu, deep fried fugu or sashimi served with rice, soup, side dishes and a scoop of ice cream. Non-fugu lunch options include salmon sashimi, tempura don and unagi don set meals are also available.

The cozy and intimate Guenpin Fugu (玄品) restaurant can only hold up to 32 guests, booking a table is highly recommended. For reservations, contact +65 6634 2916.

Guenpin (玄品) Fugu & Snow Crab Japanese Restaurant

Location: 32 Maxwell Road, Maxwell Chambers #01-06, Singapore 069115

Tel: +65 6634 2916

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 12am / Sat to Sun 5pm to 12am



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