Be Frank: New Hot Dog Stand at Paragon Singapore

Let’s Be Frank. Hotdogs were probably our childhood breakfast staple, a must-have while shopping at IKEA and are still classic snacks when catching a movie.

We can find hotdogs in old school fashion at many places, however, this new gourmet hotdog concept at the basement of Paragon Singapore, Be Frank has creatively changed up the hotdog game to accommodate foodies’ dream with a selection of toppings and a charm of raclette cheese included.


Meet Bac and Cheese ($6.50) – a gourmet pork sausage dressed up with crispy bacon bites and melty oozy cheese from the Raclette wheel. Bacon and Cheese just makes everything better!


Mushroom enthusiasts, in particular, will like the Cheezy Mushroom ($6.50) here – it features a generous helping of fresh white button mushrooms, chopped onions and garlic on top of the pork sausage, complete with melted Raclette cheese.


A signature of Be Frank, the Coney Island ($6.50) – a gourmet pork sausage covered with homemade beef toppings and chopped onions set in a bun. It’s a classic favourite – but what’s missing is a douse of chilli to give that rounded out flavour.


For something lighter on the palate, try the Slaw and Order ($6.50) which can be as satisfying as the pimped up ones. The slaw with its slightly sweet and punchy tang is composed of juicy pineapples and crunchy shreds of cabbage and carrots – which goes really well with the salty snap of the pork sausage.


For someone with a big appetite, the S’Mash ($6.50) is a massive pork sausage covered with chunky homemade potato mash will definitely fill you up. It’s quite a fun and tasty way to serve hotdogs – kids of all ages will love this too!


Pair your hotdogs with crispy yet creamy Croquettes (3 pieces for $3.30 / 5 pieces for $4.50) which makes mashed potatoes better the second time. You’ll find a little surprise of bacon bits and stringy melted mozzarella thinly encased in the golden morsels of goodness.

You can upgrade your hotdog meal for just a few dollars more – include a main of your choice, a side of two croquettes or small fries and a soft drink ($9.90/set).


Everyone loves a hot dog with a fluffy bun and hot juicy meat, but let’s be frank, its the relishes that turns the humble hot dog into something special.

All the toppings at Be Frank are homemade and you can taste the difference in quality and freshness.

With melty gooey Raclette cheese, great tasting relishes and delightful hot dog buns, Be Frank is definitely a reliable spot to pick up some perfect dogs – I’m willing to take the risk to sneak in some dogs into the movies next time.


Be Frank

Location: #B1-K26 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

Opening Hours: Daily 10.00am to 9.30pm



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