FireBake: Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant – Awesome loafs and heartwarming cuisine

The hot new bakehouse and restaurant at East Coast Road – FireBake retreats from modernist culinary techniques and uses ancient European techniques in favor of homey, everyday meals which prove tasteful, high-quality dining can be delivered at accessible prices.

The restaurant underscores the significance of adopting historical European breadmaking and cooking, which began some 6,000 years ago – arguably gave rise to human civilisation itself, hence making FireBake unique and the first of its kind in Singapore.

Founded by veteran food & beverage consultant Konstantino Blokbergen, Firebake takes its business and bread very seriously. The best tasting dishes are cooked in a wood-burning oven built out of bricks. A woodfire twin oven is featured in the heart of the restaurant, hand-built from 5,000 bricks and natural volcanic stones which can withstand tremendous amounts of heat.

FireBake – Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

The Food and Soul

Konstantino’s pride and joy is his woodfired oven, churning out marvellous artisan breads and classic comforting plates that sticks to the authentic textures and flavours of European cuisine, while offering something new and beautiful.

The menu shines a spotlight on the woodfired baked bread, available in choices of Organic White Sourdough Loaf (The Wave – $8), Organic Wholemeal Sourdough Loaf (The Field – $9), Organic Rye Sourdough Loaf (The Rock – $11), and Organic Sourdough Fruit Loaf (The Valley – $13).

Enjoy the best of all worlds by getting the FireBake Bread Board ($10) comes in a variety of the 4 breads, sliced and served with Greek extra virgin olive oil and luscious Norwegian butter. Guests can deeply enjoy the piece of bread and its possible to request it to be toasted.

What makes FireBake stand out (especially the bread) is that the bakers go back to basics of breadmaking, which prove to be a winning formula. The key to a great loaf is a combination of using all-natural ingredients such as organic flour sourced mostly from Western Australia; non-processed and non-iodised natural salt; an elaborate Nordaq Fresh water filtration system that supplies pristine water for baking; and most importantly, plenty of patience.

Most mass-produced bread contains chemicals and artificial additives to speed up leavening and fermentation. FireBake, however relies on natural leavening and longer fermentation process which lead to a more delicious bread. The bakery also has plans to introduce batches of global ancient wholegrains, milled onsite using traditional wood and stone flourmill.


OMG the bread is good, this is the best sourdough bread eaten in my life” pretty much sum up my sentiments here at FireBake.

The Wave (sourdough white) was beautifully moist and easy to chew, while The Field (sourdough wholemeal) was strong with a ‘oat-y’ flavour and came with a deeply charred flavour when toasted. The Rock (sourdough rye) was a crowd-splitter, some may appreciate its distinct flavour – I found it was darker and denser in taste, but it’s still a respectable bread nonetheless.

The Valley (sourdough fruit) is like an updated version of The Field, but studded with sweet spiced fruits. It has a wonderful aroma, airy and moist crumb – one of the best sourdough fruit bread I had so far. If you ask which is my go-to bread, first definitely The Wave, then followed by The Valley.

It’s all the more extraordinary as FireBake bread complements its other food offerings which will make for a great meal. The dishes here are elegant yet retains a rustic heart.

Prices are surprisingly down to earth – the most expensive dish on the menu is only $38, you get a 300gm Rangers Valley Wagyu Striploin served with woodfired Jerusalem artichoke and traditional chimichurri.

Small plates are perfect on their own as a starter, or mix and match to scale up for dinner – good for sharing. Popular picks include the Anchovy Dip with The Field ($8), and 4-Spice Chicken Liver Pate ($12). I suggest putting something light on your plate before you work on the main courses. The Heirloom Tomato ($17) with pickled cucumber, feta and mountain oregano is a small-plate must have. Eat it together with the bread to soak up the flavorful tomato juices.

If you are a eggplant lover and also enjoy hummus, you will fall in love with the Smoked Eggplant ($15) at FireBake. The roasted eggplant features a luxurious texture, topped with perfectly spiced hummus, tomato and Manchego to create an incredible flavour that will have you coming back for more.

The mains or bigger plates are more heavily geared towards grilled meats and seafood. One of the dishes I would definitely go back for is the Grilled Pork Belly in Garden Vegetable Broth ($22), which features a surprisingly light, non-greasy broth topped with crispy golden pork belly to add texture and flavour to the bowl. Definitely could devour some right now….love the crackling!

I was also particularly drawn to the dish of Cured Norwegian Salmon ($25) covered with an unusual breadcrumb coating, served with dill, leek and pickled onion. This dish shows off the elegance and pure simplicity of flavours from each ingredient presented on the plate.

Fresh Norwegian Blue Mussels ($25) makes a wonderful starter dish or even a main course. It is something of a classic to cook mussels in beer, chef uses premium golden ale and added chorizo to highlight the flavours of this dish, hence bringing the beer’s character to the forefront. This delicious comfort food is best enjoyed with the FireBake sourdough.

Pasta lovers will be quite delighted with the Australian Prawn Capellini Aglio Olio ($19) served with a splash of umami-rich Sakura Ebi.

The Desserts

The dessert menu features only three items – FireBake Bread and Pudding ($10); Peach, Vanilla, Sourdough Ice-Cream and Rye ($12); and a selection of Farmhouse Cheese ($14).

Make sure to leave room for the crowd pleasing dessert – FireBake Bread and Pudding which is the perfect after dinner treat. The bread pudding is deeply flavoured with a golden brown crust and tender, creamy interior.

Another must try dessert is the Peach, Vanilla, Lievito Madre Puro Latte Ice-Cream and Rye. The ice cream is made of Sourdough with all its fermented tartness, accompanied with the sweetness of peach and savory homemade rye chips – a little unusual, but the flavours all blend beautifully together.

The restaurant was busy on a weeknight, with many diners clearly swayed by decent prices and heartwarming cuisine. They ate happily too, which makes me think FireBake will be doing remarkably well. My advice? Make a reservation before you head down.

FireBake – Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant

Location: 237 East Coast Road, Level 1 Singapore 428930

Tel: +65 9784 2950 / +65 6440 1228




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