Birds of a Feather: New Additions to the already delicious burgeoning menu

When Birds of a Feather opened in November last year, it quickly made it to the top of my ‘must-try new restaurants’ list. The quirky name and charming interiors of the restaurant is very eye-catching and not to be missed. Look out for the unusual.

In a nutshell: An all-day dining cafe and bar, Birds of a Feather presents modern twists of Sichuan cuisine to Western fare.

The Space and Vibes

The aesthetic appeal of this brilliantly designed cafe and bar combines industrial style with nature-related accent details. The space is decorated with wood elements and greenery – the most impressive feature is the ‘ indoor garden’, bathed in natural light complemented from the skylight overhead.

The lighting fixtures are also very interesting, reminiscent of white fluffy clouds. This creates an unusual, but intriguing environment, making this place stand out. The warm mood lighting and plush armchairs add cozy comfort to the cafe – I could just lurk here all day with my coffee!

Modern Sichuan-inspired cuisine and Amazing Coffee

Brought to you by the same folks who runs the successful chain of Good Wood Coffee (良木缘咖啡) across Chengdu, Birds of a Feather serves the very same house-roasted coffee from their China stores. Most guests will fall in love with the signature Feather’s Coffee topped with a frothy-looking ‘feathery’ cap made of meringue. While seasoned coffee drinkers might find this drink a little sweet, I thought it was quite nice to take a slow sip and enjoy some of the meringue.

The menu at Birds of a Feather is overwhelming and features unique dishes that you can’t find in any Chinese restaurant. Many dishes are positioned on the top of the menu and must-eats include Hot & Sour Chazuke; Bird’s Signature Burger; Spicy Oriental Bolognaise; Crispy Pork Trotter in a Bag and Find the Chicken in the Chillies.

The arrival of Spring breeds new delicacies. Birds of a Feather has added a few new items and updated plenty more, for a selection that its best yet. NEW to the dinner menu is a modern interpretation of a traditional Sichuan dish, the ‘Xiang Su’ Duck‘ features seared braised duck breast and duck leg confit with roasted potato purée, Sichuan pickled vegetables, Tian Mian duck jus and a cup of White Ginger Pear tea on the side.

The duality of Birds of a Feather’s modern European and Sichuan culinary influences is reflected in many dishes. The Salmon 2 Ways presents salmon tartare with apple granite with a hint of Sichuan pepper and a cured salmon confit with Japanese sweet purple potato, lychee and roasted bell pepper coulis.

In the small plates section, you’ll find a trio of chicken dishes such as the Weird Taste Chicken and Crispy Chicken Winglet. The Pig Ear Mosaic and Baby Octopus in classic Sichuan garlic sauce are designed to pique the palate. Kawaebi Swim in Chillies joins the all-time favourite, Find the Chicken in the Chillies, as a prawn version.

For desserts, the popular Glutinous Rice Cake dessert now comes with a savoury option which showcases a mélange of flavours that’s associated with Sichuan food. A delightful medley of savoury, nutty, fruity and sweet flavours, the savoury fried glutinous rice cake is dusted with spicy soy seasoning, drizzled with red sugar caramel, served with pomegranate and topped with pistachio sand.

The MonoTone dessert is made up of black sesame coulis and coral sponge, white sesame parfait and sesame oil powder served with sesame sablé and coconut mousse. The GWC Coffee Dessert is a visually appealing combination of coffee brownies on coffee soil with Tahitian vanilla chantilly and candy cloud that melts away as the espresso shot is poured over it. The Poached Pear dessert has been updated with a light osmanthus konnyaku and ‘lao zao’ snow.


Birds of a Feather now serves brunch throughout Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm – Expect your brunch favourites with a Sichuan influence!

Try the Birds Skillet, a rustic, deep-flavoured dish comprising bacon, Camembert, Cheddar, Sichuan sausage, spicy Chorizo, roasted baby potato, housemade tomato sauce, topped with two eggs. Big Bird 1st promises to be a crowd favourite with toasted English muffin, MALA Hollandaise, bacon, sausage, mesclun salad and poached egg.

Diners can also choose from two different interpretations of Hong Shao Beef during Brunch. The Hong Shao Beef Ragout Orecchiette is a hearty pasta dish with spinach, black fungus, pesto, pine nut, parmesan foam and egg confit while the Beef Ragout Sandwich consists of scrambled egg, parmesan cheese, rocket, and roasted bell pepper between sourdough bread.

Health-conscious diners have a choice of two vegetarian options at brunch. A Bowl of Healthiness is a beautiful assembly of housemade granola, Greek yoghurt, assorted fruits and berries. The Open Greenwich is an open-face sandwich of toasted sourdough topped with baby spinach, kale, cucumber, parmesan cheese, yogurt dressing, and scrambled egg, this could be a brunch item of choice for health enthusiasts.

With so many inviting options to choose from, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice all through this time! And this gives you another good reason to visit more often….


Location115 Amoy Street #01-01 Singapore 069935

Tel: +65 9755 7115

Opening Hours: Mon to Wed 11am to 10 pm / Thurs to Fri 11am to 12 am / Sat to Sun 10 am to 5pm


Instagram: @birdsofafeathersg

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